Sunday, January 13, 2008

dodgeball: season 3 - the aftermath

*** this post is dedicated to my bff chris, and my team-mate, wilson, both of whom are on the injured list as a result of tonight's game ***

tonight's game was F**KED. way more f**ked than anything i've ever witnessed at any sporting event (recreational or otherwise) ever. EVER. it was our first game of the season, we were pumped, we were in prime shape, had a good 15 minute warm up, and we started to play. our opponents were good, but we were playing amazingly well, and were winning from start to finish (final score: 13 to 4 for us). near the end of the game, chris is behind me, throwing a ball, and i heard a terrible, quiet but distinct snap. he IMMEDIATELY walked off the court, holding his arm. we were still in the middle of play, so i played out the game, and on the sidelines, they were figuring stuff out. as the match ended, it had been decided that bwong, our sub for the evening, would take chris to the hospital. it was freaky, but we started the next game. not 10 seconds after bwong and chris had walked out the door, i heard another, terrible snap. this time, it was wilson, who ran off the court holding his arm. NOT TEN SECONDS AFTER. bwong and chris were STILL IN THE PARKING LOT GETTING INTO BWONG'S CAR. i had thought that wilson had just dislocated his shoulder. we finished the game, somehow winning, and then went to the hospital to visit them.

at the hospital, we waited for two hours. chris was called in first. he got an x-ray done, and wilson waited out in the hall. after wilson got called in, we waited for an additional half hour, then i went in to see chris. his x-ray was up on the screen. HE BROKE HIS ARM. BROKE. HIS. ARM. right above the elbow. i could see the horrible fissure, almost all the way through the bone. the doctor was understandably, baffled. apparently he asked just what kind of ball chris had been throwing. was it a medicine ball? oh no. it was a ball that probably weighs half a pound, that's marketed for ELEMENTARY SCHOOL-AGE CHILDREN. they might have to put screws in his arm! screws! apparently because it's so close to the elbow, that makes it even more dicey. chris tells us to leave, so as i go to the emergency room waiting room to relate the news, maria, another team-mate who's in there with wilson, comes out and tells us that wilson ALSO BROKE HIS ARM. THE EXACT. SAME. INJURY. less than 30 seconds apart.

if that's not effed up, i don't know WHAT is. later on, as i'm finishing dinner with dr. rei and the dotytron, i get a text message from maria that someone else from dodgeball had just come into the hospital with the same injury. which makes THREE BROKEN ARMS FROM DODGEBALL IN ONE NIGHT.

we're all pretty shook up about it. that's crazy! are you, my interweb audience, appreciating how MESSED UP it is to have 3 exact same injuries from playing recreational dodgeball? i can't impress this upon you enough.

so let's all wish chris and wilson a speedy recovery.



Jennifer said...

That is so effed!!!!!!! My mind is exploding!!

schmee said...

un be liev able

poor chris :(