Wednesday, January 09, 2008

change of heart...

i couldn't sleep last night and got all angsty about my workload, with the outcome being that i've decided that i'm going to drop "the future of objectivity" in favour of "international organizations - their documents and publications".

a) i know that i don't have to do any readings.
b) i've taken a class with this dude before and know what to expect
c) class attendance can be spotty at best with minimum affect on work quality
d) the buzz in fis is that this class is way better than gov documents, corroborated by the professor himself

a) the prof is a wiener

at least he's not a n00b wiener and i don't have to deal with my unfunny nemesis. i don't get to pwn n00bs as much as i would have in "the future of objectivity" but i have so many other avenues for that, that i can let this one slide.

so mondays are no longer a long day, and tuesdays and wednesdays are the bad ones, with wednesday having the added bonus of no break for dinner! i have class from 4-6 in sociology, and then have to high-tail it to st. george for my night class, which starts at 6:30. see that? NO DINNER TIME. grrrrrr. so i'm going to have to buy dinner tonight on route to class. luckily, bloor and spadina is a pretty fertile corner for bought food...i think there's a macdonald's, pizza hut, pizza pizza, pho, shwarma/falafel, veggie resto (fresh) and a bunch of other things to get me through (alongside the ever-present hot dog/sausage vendor combo).

so it's take-out tonight and i get to go back to cooking again tomorrow.

the blog has been pretty boring lately, folks...i apologize. i have two finished knitting projects to show off expect some more fun pics to come.


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