Wednesday, January 02, 2008

camera to computer link is up!

which means i can continue to inundate this sorry excuse for a doogie howser's diary of a blog with out of focus and blurry pictures of what fuels me. yay! 

the first picture you see is the result of my adventures in boning. i'm not terribly experienced at boning out birds, but i have a fair amount of experience at breaking down chickens into their principal parts (breasts, wings, thighs/drumsticks). it was a little tricky going, but soon my little chicken midgets were divested of their skeletal matter and stuffed with a chorizo enhanced bread and sage stuffing, rolled up, tied, browned in a butter and olive oil mixture,and then finished in the oven. the final plated dish (with the squash/apple casserole and the brussel sprouts is pictured second).

next up is breakfast on new year's day. i took the opportunity to luxuriate in fat and carbs and other non-spartan friendly things before embarking on my more healthful, fruit and vegetable-heavy diet that i undertook today. we had over-easy eggs, bob evans sausage (the sausage of kings!), toast, and monkey bread. monkey bread is a pull-apart bread made with pillsbury biscuit dough, rolled in cinnamon sugar, and baked in a bundt pan with a brown sugar/cinnamon sugar/butter caramel-type sauce. it's addictive. heavily, heavily addictive. my sister introduced it into my life, and for that (and many other) reasons, i love her and bless america with all my heart (incidental note: this months' gourmet magazine is all about SOUTHERN COOKING!!! *heart palpitations*)

while we were listening to dr. rei learn soundgarden's "spoonman" on guitar, we noshed on homemade poutine, consisting of hand-cut fries, twice fried, topped with cheese curds and reconstituted swiss chalet dipping sauce (which is made of surprisingly legit ingredients, as long as you consider msg legit, and i most assuredly do). we also massacred a hot crab and artichoke dip with spears of pita chips. it was sinful. we were all too bloated and drunk on mordor and fatty food to even touch the trifle that i had also prepared, but i think i'm going to treat myself to a small taste tonight. seeing as how i ate like a spartan all day.

for dinner tonight i made a seared piece of arctic char, served on a puree of cauliflower, with braised red cabbage and oven roasted brussel sprouts with balsamic. the fish was sauced with a light vinaigrette of orange juice, orange zest, olive oil and coarsely chopped, toasted pistachios. i plated the dinner on my new white plates, courtesy of the dotytron (i'm very proud of him, for doing as i directed and checking my on-going list of wants and desires that i keep in a word document, and selecting my christmas present from said list). they make food look so good!

so i got home from work (with a brief stop over at the library and my tailors) by 6 pm, and put together a 4 component dinner in an hour, and was done eating by 7:30pm, with the whole night ahead of me. i like it! if this is what full-time work/no school is like, sign me the eff up! i'm not looking forward to pesky school getting in the way, but i'll make it through somehow. i'm also not impressed with the weather toying with my gastronomic desires. just when i've decided that it's no longer acceptable for me to go to bed waging a dirty war against heartburn and that holiday eating is over, the weather drops to minus 10 celsius and all i'm craving is big joints of roasted meat, spitting succulent fat, to be sopped up with loads of more fat-enriched carbohydrates. damn you, mother nature! i'm treating myself to a soupcon of trifle tonight. just a soupcon. everything in moderation!


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