Wednesday, January 23, 2008

at the office...

ah well. i ate leftover steamed chicken, rice, chinese sausage and dried mushroom stuff from last week. then i have class...i really really REALLY want to leave early, but i'll probably stick it out. it's weird...just as i'm starting to feel like i'm really getting the hang of this school thing - being prepared for class, doing my readings, getting assignments in on time, being organized - in like, 12 weeks, i'm going to be done. it makes me want to keep going, because i feel like i've developed this i'm really hitting my academic stride.

tomorrow is another long day, so it'll be pretty quite round these parts. i'm working and then having dinner and seeing juno with some of the peeps from work, and my friend h and her dude. i don't know where we're going for dinner. i suggested cluck, grunt, & low only because i'm a perennial sucker for bbq. but the other option on the table is 7 west cafe. i've never eaten there either. we shall see! maybe i'll pack my camera to take some pics of the food, just to liven up the scene around here.



oh you know said...

Slightly more depressing than the leftovers at computer meal is the all-fruit diet consumed stealthily in between phone calls.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

you know how to cut to the core of me, baxter, you're so wise [/anchorman]

i eat a big breakfast! i can't be eating a big lunch too! besides, i want to get my 5-10 daily recommended servings.