Sunday, December 16, 2007


i hate to toot my own horn, but i'm actually really flippin' good at writing papers. i can't attest to the quality per se, but when i get into the groove, i can churn out quite a lot. so i made up for my slackery on friday night by writing TEN PAGES yesterday. that's right, 10!!! i haven't even started talking about top chef, yet! and i started at 10:00am and stopped at 4pm and gave myself a well-deserved night off. then i went berzerker and did about 10 billion things. i made gingersnap cookies, chocolate orange sandwich cookies (i started panicking that i had too many people to still give cookies too and not enough frozen dough), almond toffee, and a chocolate babka for the government library (it's all wrapped up in the picture, but i'll take a picture of it when it's sliced). the babka was surprisingly easy to do. it's a sweet bread (kind of like brioche) that gets rolled up with chocolate and sugar inside and then twisted up so all the chocolate is swirled up in its innies. i also made a bourbon caramel for my family's christmas dessert. it was so delectably productive that i almost exploded! there's a picture of the xmas cookie tin this year. i'm giving out four kinds of cookies (pecan butter, espresso shortbread, caramel spice stars, chocolate crackles, as well as cranberry chocolate hazelnut bars and pecan butter fudge). bwong and dr. rei did an admirable job making pumpkin raviolis, which turned out delicioso, although maybe i shouldn't have lazed out and used a real gourd, instead of canned pumpkin.

i also know that i don't have the patience to make lots of little raviolis were total ugmos. although i'm not sure if it's because i had just written a tonne of an essay and made 4 other things. but bwong has the fingers of an angel. his look amazing! and he also has a tonne of sharp knives that make my nellas look like teh crapz0rz.

we watched "harry potter and the order of the phoenix" last night. wow. the movies just keep getting better and better. i think they could have explained a few things a bit more (like kreacher - the black's house elf, and a little more into snape's back story) instead of focusing so much on the dolores umbridge scenario. but the films are getting more and more dark and they're so entertaining...the score is haunting too. i do loves me some harry potter.

the laughs-per-minute ratio was off the chains last night. the combination of the four of us always seems to result in mayhem. one of which included playing a game we called "guess the faux-rero rocher" - see if you can do it!

today we're going for brunch at three's company on the danforth. i'm going to work on my paper, and hopefully have it edited by dinner-time, so i can spend the rest of the night watching entourage on dvd and knittig. tonight for dinner we're having a lamb and quince tagine with almonds and steamed couscous.


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