Thursday, December 27, 2007


today was the one-day only, entire-store-25%-off sale at the largest knitting and crocheting emporium in toronto, romni wools. check out that charmingly basic website! i spent a completely inappropriate amount of money on yarn. VERY inappropriate. like, checking-out-pornography-at-work levels of inappropriateness. but i have my next 4-5 projects lined up...and i got 25% off! going to the yarn store (my regular and favouritest yarn store is "lettuce knit" in kensington market) is an exercise in how very much of a non-individual you really are. because, as much as i'd like to pride myself that i'm a special, unique, mold-breaking little star, as i'm pulling out balls and skeins and cakes of yarn out in the colour that i ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE AT ALL COSTS FOR THAT CUTE LITTLE SHRUG, i come to the realization that there are only 1 or 2 balls of it, barely enough for a hat. and while there are piles and piles of bland oatmeals, bilious brick reds, puces and horribly un-subtle mustard yellows, the royal purples and turquoises, the raspberries and soft kelly greens have been picked over by people who share alarmingly similar taste to mine. however, despite all this, i did still manage to spend an extremely inappropriate amount of money on wool. what can i say? i was born to handle cashmere. (seriously i haven't met mama lagerfeld yet...a lady with a yen for designer clothing that would put posh to shame).

tonight for dinner i had spaghetti and meatballs (sauce and meatballs courtesy of my work supervisor) and ceasar salad and garlic butter, spread on a baguette and toasted in the oven. it was nice to have a normal meal, of regular food, that i prepared, that wasn't "holiday" food, or "holiday season is coming and i'm too stressed/busy to cook" takeout.


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