Monday, December 17, 2007


winter has come with a vengeance! but i'm kind of worried about it because i feel like the aggressiveness of winter this year is going to make canadians feel that global warming is NOT an issue and we're going to continue our s***ty record with kyoto protocols and continue acting like giant, hypocrite douches at summits like in bali. we woke up yesterday to a winter wonderland though...dr. rei, the dotytron and i then shoveled our way out in order to get to brunch. everything was so quiet. the streets were empty, the snow muffled everything, it felt like the apocalypse (or at least, magical like harry potter). i loved it! those are some pics from the front window and backdoor. keep in mind that we had already shoveled the back path TWICE and that was about an hour later.

i LOVE winter. love love love it. i love getting warm again, and being cozy at home, cooking and eating and baking in my jammies. i also LOVE THE FACT THAT I'M DONE SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yes. i finished my paper before dinner time last night, edited it, and it's ready to be submitted, bliss of blisses. i feel like a giant weight has been lifted off of me, and even though i'm working full time this week, it feels like i'm free! i can't believe my time is my own again. i'm going to watch movies and knit and prepare for holiday madness next week.

dinner last night was delicious. the chunks of quince were quite nice and the lamb was soft and melty. we also had a dessert of battered, fried bananas with caramel bourbon sauce and ice cream. i also tried battering and deep-frying ferrero rochers. the batter wasn't thick enough and created a nice crunchy crust on the outside...but also allowed for little leaks and it dirtied up my oil which was a real pisser.

i'm running a bit late as i have to leave extra early to make sure i'm at work on time to open. tonight's dinner will probably be leftovers as we have a massive backlog to get through before we disperse for the week. i also finished another sedaris book and watched "waitress" last night. i'll have to give a rundown tomorrow.

be safe, everyone!


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