Friday, December 28, 2007

late nights with vinny et al

so we've been going to bed at like, 2 am every night (very uncharacteristic of me, since i usually have to be at work for 8:30am and i'm not the kind of person who likes to go to work on zero sleep), so that we can marathon episodes of entourage. we're almost done season 3. next up on deck is big love or the wire, but for some reason i can't find the wire on dvd at any of the rental places close to us. i love ari gold and i love lloyd but i hate e and vinny's an idiot. i love all the external characters but the main ones are annoying. i also really enjoy the fact that all the episodes are so light and bubble-gum-y and short. it's like candy television.

yesterday i was even more motivated to stay up late as i was busy making myself a little kit to hold all my knitting supplies. i think i did a pretty good job for a first-off, homemade bag. i LOVE MAKING CRAFTS. i'm vaguely embarrassed about it, i don't know why...maybe because i feel like it's a chink in my carefully constructed tough-as-nails, f-bomb coated exterior. whatever. i love doing crafty things and making stuff with my hands. i need to put the finishing touches on it, but i'll post pictures when i finish needs about another hour of work.

i have a dentist appointment tonight. it's with this dental clinic down the street from me. the first time i've been to a different dentist since i was about 4 or 5. it feels kind of weird and traitorous, but my other dentist is at ellesmere and pharmacy, and it doesn't make sense. also, after what happened with my cleaning last year, i was left with a bad taste in my mouth (literally).

so...i kinda think i might want to do a phd. hahaha...oops. i got a really good mark back on my top chef paper and the prof was so complimentary and she really dug my writing style and my approach. she insists that i need to find an avenue for my food writing because, according to her, i have a voice that "must be heard!". isn't that sweet? it's so validating (i need academic validating like a child needs a blanket) because i put a lot of work in (though still not as much work as i would have liked), and i'm interested to see what i would come up with if i didn't write a paper in 2 days, with 3 days of "research". like if i ACTUALLY put in the amount of work you're supposed to, i think i'd have something pretty spectacular to say. i'm just intrigued and fascinated by this whole world of food scholarship, and i think it's the perfect bridging of all my interests (or at the very least, a substantial portion of my interests). but i'm kicking myself for thinking of starting a phd so i shouldn't have spent 4 years cooking and not doing school, but at the same time, i realize that it's my time in the trenches that adds a depth to my approach to the subject matter that other people lack. it's what keeps me from being all ivory-tower about it all, and taking up raymond williams' charge to not treat people as the objects of my study. at the very least, i think once i'm done the library school and i'm just working full-time, i can devote some time to reading up on food academia and maybe preparing papers for conferences or journals. i can always do a phd part-time or something...anything is possible! i just really adored this class and this prof and felt that i really grew with the course and that it had an impact on me and my academic growth in a way that hasn't happened in my degree so far.

tonight for dinner i'm doing that spicy beef and kimchi udon noodle bowl with tofu and enoki mushrooms.


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