Monday, December 10, 2007

last throes (for real this time)

my voice is steadily making a comeback, and i've been granted another day's leave from work. it was immeasurably difficult playing dodgeball yesterday and not being able to yell encouragement and direction from the sidelines. but we won!!! so we're a third place team. we stayed and watched my brother's team play the mean team, and they won, too! the mean team also got mad lippy after the game. unfortunately i didn't hear it, otherwise i would have gladly fought them. i was looking for a fight. anyway, apparently with them being d**ks and all, they've decided that EVERY OTHER TEAM has "ruined" the game for THEM, and they're not going to play in this league again. success! what babies!

anyway, so i'm home, blogging, trying to gear up the energy to truck my ass all the way to school to get one measly book.

the party yesterday was a hoot. i witnessed some hilarious stuff. first of all, when we arrived, there were TWO filipino nannies. TWO!!! to look after a total of five children, two of whom were toddlers, a 3 year old, a 4 year old, and a 9 year old. there was no introduction, and the nannies ATE IN THE BASEMENT with the two youngest toddlers. wow! talk about upstairs/downstairs dichotomy! now, my mom was a busy lawyer and my stepdad worked so for a big chunk of my upbringing (basically until my littlest brother was well into school age) we employed domestic help as well. however, our housekeeper ate with us and was certainly introduced to people. this situation (especially with the two children you never got to see) was decidedly more strange. especially cuz they kept smiling at ME, and there was a definite interesting layer of racial discrepancy, with me, being the most (only) filipino-looking one in this house of white people. it was strange when i was playing with the kids and the kids were grabbing me by the hand and trying to show me stuff. i was like, are you kids more comfortable with me because i've had exposure to kids lately and am more comfortable playing with kids, OR is it because i look the most like the dominant person in your life? this situation was exacerbated when i went to say hi to grandpa, and he said something along the lines of, "oh karl, you're here, i kept seeing the other two people they have helping out and wondering if that was you" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's understandable because grandpa is quite old, and i'm sure his vision is going, but it was approaching near-comedy-of-manners style farce.

then, i witnessed a hilarious exchange with an uncle and a 9 year old.
uncle: "so ___, how old are you, now"
response: "9"
uncle: "it's been a while, what grade does that mean you're in?"
response: "4"
uncle: "hmmm...i don't really know what that's like, i went from grade 3 to grade 5"

i'm paraphrasing a bit because i couldn't quite remember the quote, but suffice it to say, that even though i'm sure it wasn't meant that way (i'm 100% sure he was just making conversation), it came out sounding like a 50 year old man was bragging to a 9 year old about skipping grade 4. so so so awesome!!!

this all went down while we ate canapes in the living room as celine dion played discreetly in the background.

at some point, me and the dotytron go downstairs to check out the host uncle's room in the basement that he's annexed for a model train set. it's probably a generational divide, but i don't understand the appeal of model train sets. i could see them being fun for the one loop they go around, but then what? anyway, he has all these replica cars and there's all these stops on the route (hamilton, toronto, etc), and he's showing us the trains chugging along on their little tracks, and at some point (knowing we had to go to dodgeball) i whispered to the dotytron that we should keep an eye on the time. so the dotytron goes, "oh yeah, right. hey ___, what time is it?" uncle checks his watch, decides that we can't possibly be asking about the real world, and replies, "in here? it's 1957"

you can't make this s**t up.

tonight for dinner we're having a pork and longbean and tofu stirfry with steamed rice.


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