Monday, December 03, 2007

i love love love my family

and that includes dr. rei. saturday night and sunday afternoon were spent visiting up in markham with my family. it was a really short, intense visit, but it scored really high on the laughs-per-minute ratio. all were present except for my youngest brother, who's off doing the rejection-of-family, rebellious, absentee university student thing. my parents were a little strict so the other three of us kids all went through the same stage, yet we're all extremely affronted that he's choosing beer bongs and pub crawls in favour of loafing around the living room, playing with the two babies and laughing about stupid family in-jokes.

my sister and outlaw bro checked out our dodgeball game on sunday and kept score for us, after which, dr. rei, the dotytron and myself abandoned our initial plans to inaugurate the kfc bowl into our gastronomic lexicon, and went for dinnie at oyster boy with my sis and outlaw brow instead. it was a really fun time! oyster boy used to do dufflet desserts but they've recently made the switch to in-house dessert-making and executed themeselves admirably. a chocolate creme brulee was soft and silky, a lemon pot de creme was tangy and equally luxurious, and a chocolate walnut brownie was dense and fudgy with a crackly top. otherwise, we participated in dr. rei's first raw oyster experience, had some baked, a couple of orders of fish'n'chips with oyster boy's standout frites (best in the city!), a plate of steamers and a plate of steamed mussels with lots of soft white bread for soaking in the steaming liquid.

this all came after a gluttonous and outright ugly display of takeout dimsum consumption from my grandparents go-to place. we've honestly been frequenting the same chinese restaurant in markham (pak fook) in all its incarnations for almost 20 years. they give my grandparents mad "face" (ie. chinese-speak for deference, respect, status - all the things my people love so dearly) and its the venue of choice for all my grandparents' various backroom mah jong parties and special occasions. they want the dotytron and myself to have our performance piece there, and were none-to-pleased when i politely declined. anyway, it's the only place i know of that'll do delivery dimsum in the kind of weather we experienced on the weekend. as usual, egged on by my mom, we ordered too much. i was burping up msg-laced and pork-infused vapours throughout dodgeball. it was gross.

i've started wrasslin' with my sociology paper in earnest. it's going to be an ugly two weeks. tonight for dinner we're having "brunswick stew" which (according to cooking light) is a louisiana speciality usually made with squirrel. i've opted for the more readily available and less-rabies-inoculated chicken thighs and drumsticks instead. anyway, it's a roux-thickened, chicken-stock based concotion featuring the creole "trinity" of onions, celery, and peppers, with lima beans, the aforementioned protein element, and corn. we're having this on rice'n'peas.


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dr.rei said...

i love the Lee family more than life itself