Thursday, December 06, 2007

i hate my government documents course

which, i should clarify, has NOTHING TO DO WITH MY LOVE FOR MY CURRENT JOB. the two are COMPLETELY unrelated. i'm being made to jump through hoops for no apparent cause, just cuz this little potser thinks he's the second coming of cool. remember that show, "head of the class"? it was about a group of misfit geniuses being taught by some benevolent-but-hip george carlin lookalike, who would make them do strange, random activities that seemed pointless at the time but would prove to reveal sage lessons on life and love, things that these brainiacs, for all their high iq, needed to learn like the rest of us poor, shapeless schlubs. well, this prof is NOT that george carlin lookalike. i'm like, seriously, guy...i DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS S**T. it's NOT fun.

and there are these miserable cows at the data, maps and government information library at robarts, who, when they find out you're a FIS student, won't even offer up DIRECTIONAL advice, because that might be construed as "cheating". i just want to know where the general AREA is, you beasts!!! i'm going to put in one more half day, and then fini. i can't care. caring just leads you one step closer to failure.

i DO care deeply about my food paper though...and i've got to start busting ass on that guy, pronto. tonight is all about that business. i've also got to pick up some knitting needles for a new project...i'm almost done my little nephew's hat.

i think my poor health is due to all the eating out i've been doing lately. so i'm putting a temporary moratorium on that, and getting back to home cooked food. tonight, that means we're having my buddy's pork rillettes with crostinis and a simple spaghetti with broccoli, chickpeas, toasted garlic breadcrumbs and parm. oh hell, i might as well throw some pancetta in there too.


p.s. i totally spoiler alerted my "surprise" gift for the dotytron yesterday. the way our room is set up is his computer/studio is in a corner of the room, kind of sectioned off with a bookcase, and he sits with his back to me, and i have my own desk. so i'm surfing around looking up specs on ipod nanos (only a *little* over the budget), but i can't figure out what the deal is (ie. how big is 4 gigs, etc). because i have no one else to turn to at that immediate point in time and because i'm an impatient f**k, i ever-so-casually ask, "how many songs is 2 gigs?"
dotytron: "i don't know, it depends on the encoding quality"
me: "yeah, but roughly"
dotytron: "it depends on how long the songs are, how high quality the of the mp3 is, there's a lot of factors involved, that's why whenever people come into the store asking how many songs, it's the STUPIDEST QUESTION EVER"
me: "oh, you sell ipods at your store?"
dotytron: "yeah"
me: "do you get cost on them?"
dotytron: "cost on an ipod isn't all that's like five dollars off, that's bec--- wait a minute, why do you keep asking about ipods?"
me: "uhhhhh"
dotytron *shakes head* *dawning awareness*: "you're a goon"

luckily for crafty ol' me, i have a contingency plan. you could say that i was so clever as to have an ipod red herring, if you will.

keeping secrets will be the death of me. it's just not in my nature.


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