Saturday, December 29, 2007


yesterday's experience at the dental clinic was yet another example of how my nascent hypochondria, when mixed with medical professions not covered by OHIP, result in me getting hosed. i dropped like $400 dollars in less than two hours, which i guess i'm okay with, considering it was a first time visit and i got those panoramic x-rays and the clinic is all super-fancy and new, with flat screen televisions that i can watch while i'm being serviced. however, there was some weird techy stuff that i wasn't so into. first, they took my picture with a little digital camera. fine, i can deal with that, if it's something that sits in my file. but in each room, they also had a flat screen monitor which showed the entire schedule for each dentist and each hygienist for the whole day, and instead of names, the calendar showed each patient's picture in the little blocks of time. isn't that a privacy issue? maybe i'm being paranoid. then, my hygienist was 20 minutes late to see me (from said handy-dandy calendar, i could see that i had been slotted in for 7:00pm to 7:45pm, but i didn't get seen until 7:20pm). she then said that she was going to have to split my cleaning into TWO sessions. when i asked at the end if i had to pay for both sessions, the office administrator was all like, "well, because it's taking two separate appointments to clean your teeth, it'll be charged as two separate visits". but i didn't get the full first treatment!!! in the first appointment, when i saw the dentist, i again planted seeds of insurance-company bilking in his wee little head, because the neurotic in me insisted on asking if i had undue wear on my teeth because i might be grinding. he said there was a "little" wear and that i should get fitted for a night-time bite guard. you know how much that costs? another $350. i think i'm going to wait for that one until i get full dental coverage. i don't experience jaw pain, and i think i should get a second opinion. my other dentist has never told me that there's wear on my teeth, and even though he is a hack-job in an aging clinic in the wilds of scarborough, you think he might have mentioned it once or twice in the 20-odd years i've been seeing him. i can't believe i grind my teeth! although the dotytron has corroborated this. but i don't trust the dotytron because he's always trying to pin stuff on me that i didn't do that he actually did (mostly to do with farting).

speaking of lady di, it's his birthday today!! we're going for brunch in the morning with my friend maxine, at okay okay diner in leslieville. then he's off to do some errands and get his amp fixed, while i spend the day with our shared bff, dr. rei. tonight we're going for a birthday dinner at coca on queen west. it's a tapas bar that's operated by the same people as czehoski. i've heard mixed things, but it's worth a try to see for ourselves, and the dotytron wanted a place where he could have a bunch of nice wines by the glass. hopefully the roomie is coming with us and our montreal friend.

my little knitting bag turned out awesome! i'm so proud of myself. it's an example of my can-do attitude. i just winged it (wung it?) if you look at it close up the seams aren't perfect but overall it turned out really well. i love the fabric. i want to make another one with this other fabric i got that has little wee red mushrooms on a dusty yellow background. so cute!

i've also got some selected pics from the christmas weekend with my family. as you can see, the suggest dress code for the entire weekend was "pajamas".


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