Wednesday, December 12, 2007


in the grand tradition of me tempting the fates and the fates not taking too kindly to my flouting of fately rules and regulations, there's a little bump in the road leading to my revelation of my big big news, a bump that threatens to de-rail the big big news entirely.

it's a bit of a bummer...but thankfully the only thing i can do is keep my head down and keep on working. i did get an extension on my sociology paper until monday...which gives me all the time i need to do a good job. all day saturday and all day sunday, with enough time to have fun this weekend as if i WAS in actual fact a free little birdie.

today is an extra-long day. i usually skip out on my night class early, but i have to do a presentation (yes, on LAST CLASS OF THE TERM) and the prof is so enamoured of me and my partner's presentation topic, that he's making us go last (in a "saving the best for..." backhanded compliment). not only that, it's the class with the "cool" prof, who wants to take us all out for beers after. he's on crack. the last thing i want to do, in the middle of winter, in my last class of last term, is to go for beers with my tormentor. i mean, i've heard of stockhausen syndrome (it's stockhausen syndrome, right?) but i think i'm feisty enough that i would continue to loathe my kidnappers for a good, long, time. being the ultimate grudge holder with the memory of an extremely sharp elephant, i don't forgive and forget stuff like that.

tonight for dinner dr. rei is treating me to a sausage and poutine dinner out of one of the fleet of chip trucks lining st. george street around u of t. what a friend!



schmee said...

is the big news the news that was big in your annual xmas update?

ps. thanks for the card. you guys are great.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

yes, yes it is.

but there's a hiccup.

to email!!!

Ze'sMama said...

Stockholm Syndrome. What's the hiccup?