Tuesday, December 11, 2007

despite my adamant declarations to the contrary

i persist in being sick. it's now moved into my throat and chest and is squatting there, producing waste in the form of chest-rattling, dry coughs. i'm going into work today though...i can't miss another day. plus the fact that my room and subsequently my office have been annexed in the name of the dotytron's annual christmas cd. it's such a fun thing for him, even with all the organizing and finagling to get players, etc. this year we've got a bassoonist, a vibes player, and some horns...it's very christmas-in-vienna.

so my room has been turned into a makeshift recording studio. luckily i'll be at work for most of the day, and then i can return home, make and eat dinner, and start cracking. i'm only semi-prepared but i feel like i have enough to start with. in a remarkable confluence of lottery-winning, epic luck - BOTH books i wanted were at robarts yesterday. this is akin to the hand of god reaching down from the heavens and anointing you upon your blessed forehead with wisdom and riches beyond your years. seriously. it seems like every time i go to robarts, not only is the one book i'm looking for conspicuously absent, the entire section looks like it's been ravaged by slimer in ghostbusters 1. it's maddening. it's the desperation of a poor student and fervent procrastinator, who, rather than develop a focused search strategy, frantically takes the entire section hoping that therein lies the secret to untangle them from their own self-induced bind of incomprehension. i speak from experience. i've been there. it ain't pretty.

tonight for dinner i'm making macaroni and cheese with those toasted panko breadcrumbs and that romaine salad with walnuts, red onions, caramelized pears and red wine vinaigrette.


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