Thursday, December 20, 2007

culture run-down

end of year edition. so i've had a lot more free time lately, in betwixt and between my onslaught of holiday craft and entertaining madness. more free time for me usually means one less then i *have* to do while simultaneously juggling 3 other tasks. so i recently finished reading david sedaris' "me talk pretty one day" which was equally as hilarious, insightful, witty, and well-written as "dress your family in cordorouy and denim". i love this man. i wish i had the perceptiveness and perspicactiy he does, and the ability to translate it into dry, sly, addictive prose like he can.

i also watched "waitress" starring kerri russell and written and directed by adrienne shelley who was tragically killed (they suspect murdered) shortly before the film was to be released. the film is bright, and candy-like with super-saturated colours and more than a hint of magic-realism-type whimsy. the characters and situations all have a slightly classic-sitcom-y, almost stage-y feel and the line delivery and dialogue maintains a similar, dream-like/fantasy tone. however, i felt that it unsuccessfully negotiated the line between whimsy and realism, as the story and subject matter were quite serious (the main character has an abusive, domineering husband). it also had a strong feminist theme, with women supporting each other throughout the film, and a willful female protagonist, but i found it off-putting because *SPOILER ALERT*

her character ends up being redeemed by becoming a mother. throughout the course of the film, she is consistently resentful and downright antigonistic towards the child she is carrying (the baby was an accident, and she considered it a parasite), and yet somehow, at the moment she gives birth, she finds the strength to emanicipate herself from her situation. i was also bummed because nathan fillion gets the shaft (he plays the married man with whom she has a passionate affair) and i was mad that they didn't get together...because if she's going to be redeemed by her child, you might as well go whole hog and have her be redeemed by a fulfilling relationship with a smart, caring person as well (ESPECIALLY if it's nathan fillion).

in other news, i called the lady at the globe and mail and turned down the job. she is SO NICE. i wish i could work for her! she's as nice as my current supervisor is now! we just get along like we've known each other forever, and she recognized immediately the strengths that i would bring to a busy environment like the kitchen-honed superhero talent of never, EVER getting rattled at work by seemingly insurmountable odds and tight deadlines, and racing against the clock. she says i'm the perfect candidate because she knows that i could jump in with both feet and take up a challenge and run with it...and it's true. i'm very adaptable and highly capable. gah!!! but i feel like i have a real rapport with her so i'm going to check in with her every now and then...she's a great contact to have, and the fact that we're so copacetic makes it even better.

so i came home yesterday, and the dotytron had been a busy bee on tuesday, running errands and buying my christmas present (i'm pretty sure). so yesterday, i come home, to an empty house, and i noticed that tacked up on the door to our room, was a little note that read: "KEEP OUT! ELVES AT WORK!!!" which is pretty cute already. the cuter thing, is that the dotytron is about 1 solid foot taller than me (i'm 5'4" he's 6'4") and the note was at HIS eye level. not mine. so i would have missed it anyway if the timing had not have worked out and i came home early and i would have spoiled my own surprise prezzie by blundering into the room. i'm actually being pretty chill about NOT spoiler alerting my own christmas and his present this year (aside from the two previous foiled attempts at ipod procurement). i think it's because i've actually been too busy to try to be a ruiner and christmas totally has creeped up on me, super-fast this year.

stuff like that makes me forgive the big lug for having a sieve for a memory, remembering stuff that didn't happen, and not making the bed before he leaves the house.


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