Saturday, December 01, 2007

correction: katherine hepburn is the worst person alive

...even though she's no longer alive. rip, katherine hepburn, rip you crazy old coot.

so, i've got some better perspective on the situation now, and i feel like i can post. i mean, so i missed one party. that doesn't make me a bad person. i'm still going to send along my donation through the wonders of paypal and i'm still going to mail the care package and that's that. i've dealt with my chinese-born confucian-filial-piety-incubated guilt and i can move on.

i just had brunch with my pastry chef friend cum-dodgeball teammate, mc. she's the best! she's really quiet when you first get to know her, but once she opens up, she's really comfortable to be around and really funny and spunky. i like her. she's a very good, decent person, who should get the HELLS out of the restaurant business, because they're mean to her and she's not cut out for it. we went to three's company on the danforth. they do a nice brunch. i had croissant french toast with strawberry confit and my choice of vanilla yoghurt (blech) or whipped cream (yum). i also ordered a side sausage. for some reason, maria couldn't finish her eggs benny so i ate half of that too. it was really good! they serve nice, thick, slices of peameal on top of a cheddar scone, topped with a giant poached egg and a nice homemade (though undersalted and under-lemoned) hollandaise, with roasted sweet, russet, and blue potatoes. yummy! it's also really affordable there too. the benny is 7 or 8 bucks and my french toast was 7. it's also a lot less mayhem-y if you go on saturday instead of sunday. sunday is bonkers.

i woke up hella early this morning and did all my baking that i was going to do for the open house...all i have to do is whip some cream for my lemon curd tarts and maybe make another baguette or two's worth of crostinis.

tonight my sis is coming into town with the babies, so me and the dotytron are sleeping up in markham and then heading back downtown for dodgeball tomorrow afternoon. the rest of the afternoon is supposed to be spent working on my government documents assignment *shudder*. we'll see how that goes.

last night's dinner was a PERFECT copy of the spicy beef kimchi bowl at sakawaya. it was so yummy. we ate it while watching the last of season 1 of "entourage". it's aight. funny enough and disposable enough so that you don't have to REALLY pay attention when you watch it. plus the episodes are really short and digestible. i can't wait to watch season 2 and 3. tonight for dinner if they wait for us up in markham it'll probably be chinese food. otherwise, it'll be wendy's takeout on the way up.

yay babies! yay brunch with friends! yay my rendezvous with the kfc bowl tomorrow post-game!


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