Monday, December 31, 2007

chinotto is my jeopardy!

well, my computer apparently decided it had had quite enough of my amateur attempts at jerry-rigging it back to health and kacked out on me yesterday. it was very ominous. it froze up, then an internal alarm went off, and i was left with a dead, smoldering hunk of radioactive wires and chips and whateverthef**k else is in these infernal machines. this all means that money hemorrhage fest 2007 ends with a bang with the purchase of a new computer. this one purrs like a kitten though. it's so nice to have a computer that doesn't wake you with the humming and whirring of a thousand toy clocks in vienna. i'm feeling slight trepidation about the recovery of my old hard drive and a year's worth of memories, but as i stood in the shower yesterday, i resolved myself to the fact that it might be gone forever. i mean, if it's gone, it's gone. no use fretting about it, it is what it is. people before things!

my full-time contract spending spree is ending today though, and we're ushering in 2008 with spartan, frugal, fiscal responsibility. i want to save a wad of cash to pay a chunk off my osap when they start to come calling for me, and also to save for my trip to florence, as well as save for bigger a house?

we finished watching entourage and are completely caught up. i've been spending too many hours in front of the flickering glow of the boob tube lately, so i'm going to try to curtail that (although the coming term's busyness will take care of that for me...thank you, writer's strike! there'll be no new episodes to tempt me with!). over the holidays i saw "the bourne ultimatum" which was awesome because i love spies and espionage and people who can kick ass. jason bourne is effin' awesome and the last installment maintains the intensity throughout the duration of the film. i asked my family whether they would be mad at me if i turned out to be a spy all this time. my sister said she would be mad, but my younger bro understood that i did what needed to be done. once i'm done school i wouldn't mind taking up some kind of martial art. i don't know what style would suit me best.

we also saw "walk hard: the dewey cox story" which was good but not great. i love kristen wiig and paul rudd does an awesome cameo that's almost worth the price of admission alone. but it doesn't maintain the funny. i don't think jenna fischer is that great of a comedic actress...she always seems to be playing the same character all the time, or there's a sameness that carries through all her roles. the songs in it are pretty great though...especially the title number.

"the golden compass" was another good but not great one. i think the filmmakers went a little soft overall, in an attempt to please everyone they ended up pleasing no one. freddie highmore is not a terribly endearing child actor. he has a look of perpetual bewilderment which would serve him well if his role consisted of stumbling downstairs on christmas morning to discover santa claus placing presents under a sparkling christmas tree in a coke commercial, but what's supposed to play as cute instead makes him look a little daft. the boozing polar bear was kind of funny, the musical score was contrived, but i'm still interested to see where the story is going as daniel craig and sam elliott (who has one of the nicest speaking voices i've ever heard) are underused. the first movie is all set-up, so it'll be a bummer if they don't make the other two.

"the nanny diaries" was boring and painful to watch. it was so cliched and contrived and just plain awful. "look at how rich women are anorexics and neglect their children!" "look at how all business tycoons are cheating on their wives!" "look at how brittle and shrill stand in for in depth characterization!" so brutal. it's also offensive because the whole "diary" is supposed to be submitted as a graduate anthropology application essay, and i'm sorry, but even u of t scarborough campus wouldn't accept that drivel. and the kid in it is SO GROSS. completely un-endearing. although i'm one of those people who thought johnathan lipnicki was gross (and look at how he turned out. me, ftw!). i hate children in movies who are knowingly precocious. like raven simone on the cosby show. or elmo.

finally, we tried to watch "the simpsons movie" last night. i didn't laugh once (we only made it 50 minutes through). it's like a long episode of the simpsons from the its' current incarnation. the simpsons isn't about stupid, mean pranks! it was about heart, and social commentary, and references to citizen kane! they shouldn't have waited so long. way to miss the zeitgeist.

well, today is the last day of '07. we're going to see the dotytron's gig at jack astor's. it's just me, the roomie, and our montreal friend for dinner but i'm going to make something a little special anyway. we're having cornish game hens. i received a bomb-ass boning knife for christmas from the dotytron so i think i'm going to try boning out the hen, and then rolling it around a sage and bread stuffing mixture, tying it up and pan roasting it. i might deglaze with some wine and maybe do a pan sauce with some roasted grapes...but i'm not sure if i want the sweetness there so i might just keep it simple with a wine and stock jus. i'm going to do roasted brussel sprouts alongside, and a turnip and apple mash with brown sugar crisp topping. for dessert, sticky toffee pudding ends soaked in whiskey caramel sauce.


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