Saturday, December 15, 2007

behind schedule

i was supposed to get five pages of my paper done last night, and then five more today and tomorrow. a very manageable schedule (assuming you have something to say). but i took some neo citran and it knocked me out, which was good because i was freed from the tyranny of my cough, but bad because i only got two pages done. which means that i now today have to complete 8 pages, which is somewhat feasible as i've left myself the next 10 hours to do it.

then comes happiness in the form of a visit from bwong and dr. rei. they're coming over to help make pumpkin raviolis. we're going to eat said pumpkin raviolis in a toasted walnut, gorgonzola and fried sage sauce. with a romaine salad with the pears and walnuts that i like so much lately. and i'm not sure what for dessert.

then we're either going to go out dancing, or stay in and watch "harry potter and the order of the phoenix" which i had the infinite foresight to snap up on my way home yesterday from errands which included dropping off some christmas cookies to my tailor/dry cleaners (mostly they're my tailors, as i never really get anything dry cleaned), whom i adore. they're so sweet and cute and nice and jokey. the only other random person i have left to give cookies to is the nice crossing guard, but i don't really see him anymore as i'm not riding my bike...he really is the world's nicest, jolliest crossing guard though. then i'm making cookies for the dotytron's family, his grandpa, my family, my landlord, and some friends at that's it. but i suspect i have to make some more cookie dough, as i also wanted to bring something into the government library. or i might make them a chocolate babka tomorrow. i made the following types of cookies this year: espresso shortbread, pecan butter cookies, chocolate crackles, and dulce de leche star sandwich cookies. i'm also making pecan butter fudge and these cranberry hazelnut chocolate bars to give out. i got all fancy and used the little paper cups and everything!

but that's all, folks. you know what i'm having for dinner, and i REALLY want to get this paper out of the way so that i can spend my vacation time blissfully knitting on the couch.


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