Friday, November 30, 2007


the weekend is upon us! joy! happiness! lots of baking and xmas readying and studying! i kinda sorta ate healthy last night...and i went for a run (i only ran maybe 4 laps because it was FLIPPING cold outside and i don't have proper winter running gear), and did a nice long bout of yoga because i was noticeably getting tighter and less limbre (and since my limbreness is measured on a microscopically incremental gradient, it makes a BIG difference - ie. whether i can touch my toes or not). running makes you hungry! so then i ate about ten billion cream puffs and the ends off the pound cake i baked for the open house next week. we're having a chocolate fountain. it's terribly exciting.

yesterday was a very slow day at the public library so i did some "reading" while i was putting the books in order in the entertainers biography section (792 for you dewey hawks) and read some of an autobiography and biography of katherine hepburn. she was a B***H. bigtime. and i thought she was supposed to be this big feminist, sassy icon, but she's a privileged, self-absorbed, horrible person, who became spencer tracey's doormat for their 30 years together and enabled his alcoholism and was mean to his wife. so, if every day that passes leaves you with a message, yesterday's message was that katherine hepburn was a big jerk.

pet peeves: people who spout the phrase: "be the change you want to see in the world" - i want to punch them.

tonight we're going to our buddy robin's benefit party. i think the entire take from the door is being donated to him because he lost EVERYTHING he had when his apartment in ottawa burned down. everything! and he also saved some cats in the process (for real, it was in the local ottawa news and everything). i'm such a jerk and so don't like going out in the cold that i'm like (half-jokingly): "can't we just paypal that s**t? do we really have to GO" but of course, i'll go, for a drink or two (aka the dotytron's drink or two) and then head on to the succor and comfort of my home and anthony bourdain's "no reservations". the world of torrents is frustrating me by not giving me any of the the 3 seasons of the show in its entirety. but it's okay, because each episode focuses on one city and is self-contained. there's no worry with continuity or anything.

for dinner we're having a spicy beef kimchi and udon bowl. thinly sliced flank steak simmered in a beef broth and kimchi concoction with some udon noodles thrown in. yum! i found the recipe in a martha stewart living magazine of all places, and i'm hoping that it replicates my spicy beef udon bowl at our corner japanese restaurant, sakawaya.


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dr.rei said...

hahah katherine hepburn sounds like a huge hoe! that dinner sounds like a huge BRO! yummm!!! can't wait for kfc bowltimes!