Monday, November 19, 2007

the week of eating dangerously

has come to an end. popeye's last weekend started us on a slipper slope of weekend binge-eating. it wasn't good at all. i feel disgusting. time to get my life back on track. i was barely productive at all this weekend and that has to get turned around. in my defense, i cranked something out during the week so i felt justified taking a few nights off...but now it's full-on game time.

i'm going to try to get two assignments done this week so that all i have to worry about is my government documents class and my sociology paper.

the baby shower was very fun yesterday!!! there was an array of vegan and non-vegan snacks and there were also lots of cute felt toys and puppets to decorated. does it make me a party pooper if i delicately mention after the fact that babies shouldn't have toys with sewn-on buttons on them (in case they choke)? or am i being an irrationally, over-protective, parental friend?

short post tonight as i'm already running late for work. tonight for dinnie we're finally having those pork empanadas with spanish green beans fried in sofrito. mmmmmm...real food for a change!


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