Wednesday, November 28, 2007

tomorrow, tomorrow

wow, it seems like every day my blog is starting with a confession of my falling off the healthy, home-cooked food wagon. today is no exception. i ate too many open house audition treats my supervisor made and subsequently ate square boy yesterday. square boy was actually a stand-in for my initial choice, which was wendy's. apparently there's this new burger that i have to try (no, not the baconator, which is my go-to ONLY when my beloved smoky bacon mushroom melt isn't on the menu). it's the jalepeno double cheddar melt. i must try!

there's a certain subsect of people in this world, neither completely high-brow or completely low-brow in their food choices, who share a certain camraderie about food. these people just love to eat, and will eagerly share news of new dishes, or dishes past, luxuriating in every drool-inducing detail, spasms of delight crossing over their glazed faces at the thought of a certain dish at a certain cloth-napkin and wine-service restaurant, or the particular chewiness of the gristle on the pork bones at a hole-in-the-wall. i consider myself firmly situated in this community...they're my phantom crew if you will, and i generally become fast friends with anyone who exhibits these same gluttonous tendencies. well, in the past little while, there's been a ripple of excitement through the community. i was tipped off by my friend bwong, and just yesterday, had an extended conversation with my co-worker, the two of us with crazed grins of anticipation all the while (this community seems to host a disproportionately high number of chinese people in its ranks) what is the cause, you may ask?

behold! it's the kfc famous bowl. which is being introduced into canada and is causing flurries of excitement in the iron-stomach community. it's their version of shepherd's pie. mashed potatoes, popcorn chicken, corn, cheese, and chicken gravy. i didn't know this, but my cursory research indicates that there are MULTIPLE KINDS OF BOWLS. apparently there's a chicken and biscuits bowl! the discourse has been fevered and intense, to rival any academic conference. "i think it all comes down to the mashed potatoes" is a sample quote. for my part, i can't wait. i think it warrants a special group trip, a collective "famous-bowl" cherry-popping so we can compare notes together.

long day today...i'm actually EATING HOME-COOKED FOOD. i'm bringing barley risotto and leftover braised shortribs with a few fruits thrown in for good measure. i'm actually looking forward to eating real food for a change.


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