Monday, November 26, 2007

teh slackz0rz

wow, giving up my sunday contract is the BEST SHIZ EVER! i got one assignment done, didn't do the notes for my two presentations but will finish them today, and otherwise ate like a glorious pig all day. the breakfast was delicious! i've also included pictures of the shattered and decimated remnants of my dangerous dan's dinner, which i consumed in a haze of not-chewing-fury and fat-hungry fervor. we all shared a large poutine (look at how gloriously gravy-soaked it is!) and i had a rib sandwich. it's basically the meat from their "bronto beef ribs", braised to a falling-apart, gristly chew, sopping wet with bbq sauce, topped with onions, mushrooms, slices of fresh tomato, and mozzarella cheese. humina, humina.

today is a nice long day of work, and then coming home and hopefully going for a quick run (if it's not raining) after hitting up chinatown for some groceries. tonight for dinner i'm making rigatoni with a sauce of crumbled italian sausage, chickpeas, rapini and parm. with a spinach salad with avocado chunks and other goodness.


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