Tuesday, November 27, 2007

teh fattycarmichaelz0rz

well, all my good intentions went out the window, because, as the inexorabe lunar calendar will tell you with unfailing accuracy, the moon is in the seventh house, and jupiter has landed me fat square in the midst of pms. compared to most ladies, my pms is very mild and wreaks little havoc. i don't freak out, i don't cry, i don't get unusually sensitive or angry, oh no. instead, i eat my way into junk food oblivion. therefore, day 1 of healthy eating was curtailed in favor of popeye's fried chicken goodness. we've been eating out A LOT lately. this is bad, as we are both in reduced financial circumstances. and yet, and yet...this always seems to happen as the holiday season approaches. it's a time of unrelenting business, social obligations, school-end stress and myriad loose ends to tie up. this does NOT inspire me to spend time in the kitchen cooking dinner, on top of all the other cooking i'm doing. for example the cooking i'm doing to produce my wondrous cupboard of preserves you see pictured at right. divine, isn't it?

i recently finished david sedaris' book, "dress your family in corduroy and denim" how did i live so long without david sedaris' acerbic, dry, black humoured, amazingly perceptive observational writing in my life? i adored every minute of it! i was thoroughly, bewitchingly engrossed in every word on the page, laughing out loud to myself (or, LOLing for the information superhighway generation) on the couch while the roomie and the dotytron frittered away their pitiful, non-sedarised lives in front of much more music (which doesn't even PLAY music videos anymore).

i also knitted up a storm last night, treating myself for having my presentation done early by watching a few episodes of anthony bourdain's "no reservations" (thank you, torrents!), a travel show where he flits off to the corners of the earth and eats, and eats, and eats. it's pretty appalling that the mere sight of razor clams and huge hunks of slow-roasted pork are enough to have me near tears of ecstasy. i think i might have even emitted a whimper or two. he and i share a fundamental belief that the communion of the table is enough to gloss over all differences. it's privileged, naive, and hopelessly self-serving, but i feel it in the very marrow of my bones, even as i acknowledge how nostalgic i'm being. good food and music make the world go round in my books, trans-global capital be damned!

school then home, then another hour spent tapping away at my presentation notes, then more tv and knitting. we're back on the healthy train with that pasta from last night...the sausage, rapini, chickpea one. i add the chickpeas for extra fibre, and to flush out some of the ridiculous canned bean backlog i have going on right now.

no dessert, either.


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