Friday, November 09, 2007

a study in character

ever since i was a little kid, for as long as i or my family can remember, i've been EXTREMELY unreceptive to being woken prematurely from a nap. the cranky, thundering maelstrom of an outburst precipitated by the car creaking to a stop in the garage, jerking me to consciousness after a late dinner out, earned me the (fully justified) nickname: "mad dog". it was ugly. it was unsightly. it continues on to this day. the other vestige from childhood to which i cling is a fully irrational fear/reluctance to be left in the dark (figuratively and literally, but for the sake of this anecdote, literally). these two facets came together in an altogether ridiculous display on wednesday evening when i prematurely fell asleep on the couch while watching tv. when the dotytron roused me in order to get me downstairs to the comforting embrace of my flannel-decked bed, i was less than pleased. when he refused to turn off the upstairs light and left me to do it, i went BERZERKER. i believe the words used were, "i'm going to cut your F**KING head off" alongside a string of equally insane and vicious expletives.

here's the thing, when i go crazy, i go crazy. it's like a supernova of rage. but just like nuclear fission, after that initial release of energy, the slate is wiped clean, and it's like nothing ever happened (i mean, if you consider nuclear winter "nothing, and obviously, i do). i explode, and then i go back to being normal and it's done, forgotten, over! however, the poor soul in my orbit of my mercurial reactor is more often than not, the long-suffering, ever-agreeable, dotytron (he's got his own issues, but that's not for here).

the point of this long, rambling exposition is: i really really really like the dotytron in all his affable, happy-go-lucky, stringbean, weird little guy, glory. tomorrow is our six year anniversary, which brings us back to the very day that we (re)met, at a splinter productions party at audiowerks, on a cold saturday, so very long ago, the party titled, ever-so-auspiciously, "sometimes...acid babies bite back"

anyway, the dotytron is teh awesome and i'm a lucky little industrious pig. i don't usually trumpet about my happiness because the chinese in me is very suspicious of tempting the fates by proclaiming (through the fate-defying longevity of the internet, no less) my current contentment with my partner. plus, generally, i'm not publicly romantic like this. it kind of grosses me out. even typing the word "romantic" is making small waves of revulsion pass over me. NEXT!

since i'm going to a wedding tomorrow, we're having our anniversary dinner tonight. we made reservations at lucien. full review with annoyingly low-megapixel pics tomorrow!


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