Thursday, November 01, 2007


my neighbourhood is a big mix. there's some people who go MENTAL and then there'll be long stretches of people who do nothing. the standouts were the zombie house and the house with the giant red spider. i took video as well, but it's overshadowed by dr. rei and chris having a very UNhalloween debate about the (non)future of breakcore.

last night's dinner turned out amazing for something i kinda threw together. i ended up cooking since i skipped night class and came home early to get a leg up on our halloween walk. i made a thick polenta which i spread into a pan and chilled. while it was cooling, i made a mushroom ragout with thyme, some cream, and parmesan cheese. i sliced the polenta, and pan fried it so that it was crispy on the outside, topped it with the mushroom ragout, and topped that with a poached egg. it was amazing. i find polenta is good for like, 5 minutes when it's just cooked and still soft and runny, before it hardens up...OR, pan-fried so it's crispy. either way, you have to do something to minimize the rubbery gumminess factor and provide some texture.

on our way home we bought a bunch of stuff to assemble a viennese dessert platter. we got cream puffs from the freezer section at iga, alongside some hostess cupcakes (dr. rei had never had one before!) and my personal hostess favorite, miami snack cakes. i had made a bittersweet chocolate ganache and some caramel for my presentation in food class tomorrow, so we dipped the semi-frozen cream puffs in chocolate and caramel and ate snack cakes while we talked about how breakcore and jungle are dead (against chris' semi-half-hearted denials).

tomorrow i'm doing a presentation in my food class. the articles we read were about food as status. we touch on bourdieu's theory's of taste and distinction as well as an article the prof wrote that's a discourse analysis of six months of food writing in the big magazines (gourmet, saveur, food and wine, bon appetit). what they find is that while there is talk about "simple, rustic, honest" food and "peasants" and "craftspeople"...all stuff that would seem to indicate a dissolution of traditional elitist taste distinctions, the way that this gets articulated in fact only reinforces a privileged class' access to such rarefied and "authentic" items in far-flung locales. anyway, my talk is going to focus on theories of post-modernism and simulacra and stuff like that (how we live in a society of the image, without history, that aligns itself with global/late capitalism) and how we can have these conversations about food without resorting to this kind of reifying discourse. for the class, the presenters are invited to bring in food items that relate to their topic. i was going to do "low-brow" and make those devil's food cupcakes with brown sugar buttercream, but the other girl who is presenting is making whoopie pies, so i went "upscale" and made chocolate caramel tarts with fleur de sel, using premium high-end chocolate.

tonight is all about the presentation prep and we have SO MANY LEFTOVERS that it's a for sure leftover night tonight.



kitsch:in:sync said...

mmmm post-breakcorelyptic & post-history discourses make me hungry for fried chicken and salty biscuits*!!

*and "salty biscuits" isn't even a euphemism for anything

dr. rei said...

that dinner was a HUGE success...pan fried!!!!

zomg hostess miami cream puffs!

RIP breakcore!