Thursday, November 22, 2007


to reward myself for being so good and having my readers' advisory project file done a whole week early, i let myself have the night off for some knitting and battlestar galactica razor action. the hat i'm making is almost done! i'm pretty proud of myself...i'm knitting a little baby hat with ears for my friend who's having a little funion (calling babies funions is something i just seized upon, and i kinda like it). it's the first time i've knitted in the round and followed a pattern for a hat. it knitted up surprisingly quick. i'm knitting a few more things for presents so i got to get a move on.

razor is pretty good. there's a bit of a problem in the sense that, as the roomie identified, it's about a ship i don't care about (the pegasus...aka rapey mctortureson ship) and it's been SO LONG since the end of season 3 that i think more familiar faces would have helped me to be interested. you don't come back from a year's hiatus with something that has like, 2 characters you know well and love. there were some interesting bombs dropped which hardens the evidence for one of my theories that i've held since the very beginning. basically, without giving away the revelation, i've always believed that the way they're setting up "earth" in the series is that the race of humans we see on battlestar are our ancestors. (ie. the action is happening in the past, instead of our future). also, i believe that it's a cyclical journey. humans begat cylons who evolve, revolt, began humans and so on and so on.

5cm of snow tonight!!!!!!!! for some reason, i feel like this calls for warm cookies and milk. or some sweet little simple, homey treat and milk. i've been eating really healthfully all week, so maybe i'll hold back and be good.

tonight i'm going to write up my presentation points for the two presentations i have next week and hopefully finish that chapeau!

for dinner we're having beet and red cabbage borscht with dilled sour cream alongside tomato, cheddar, and green onion quesadillas. healthy and delicious.



schmee said...

i'm totally with you on the human / cylon as adam / eve idea. but if it's cyclical as they're insinuating it is, we'll probably never find out if it's in the past or the future.

i didn't even notice the lack of battlestar crew cause i was just glad to get a fix. the forth season needs to start like yesterday already!

schmee said...

as a side note, i really wish blogger had a comment edit function. that, or i need proofreading skills.