Sunday, November 04, 2007

so much for that extra hour

i ended up waking up at 7am daylight savings time, which means that i took advantage by sleeping in a whole extra hour. so ridiculous. i have been productive though. sharpened my knives, started a jumbleberry jam, did some laundry, did some research for this ridiculous multiculti paper. i told my sis about my assignment and she was beyond dismissive. coincidentally, so was dr. rei.

my lovely tailors/dry cleaners in my neighbourhood whom i adore and who adore me, are going to let out my dress for my friend's wedding! which means no more silly dietary restrictions!!! oh happy happy day! haha. now i want to be eat everything in my path, because i can, with impunity. yesterday as i went coat-shopping with the roomie i kept wanting to skip out on making dinner and instead eat macdonald's or swiss chalet in a gluttonous frenzy. i'm going to get all my clothes let out! haha!

last night's cioppino was delicious. rich with mussels, clams, shrimp, scallops, tilapia, bits of halibut, all in a garlicky tomato broth. i made a roasted garlic parsley butter and spread it on bread for dipping in. and behold! look at my brand-new, s**t hot white bowls!!! thank you tap phong! tap phong has a whole "restaurant" signature white plate line, so every couple of months i'm going to treat myself by picking up a few until i have my set of 16 that i so desperately desire. white makes food look so good! i also made bittersweet chocolate brownies which we ate drizzled with caramel sauce and topped with a fluff of whipped cream. it was pretty tasty, even though i overcooked the brownies a bit.

we watched robert rodriguez's "planet terror". i think it's ridiculous that the two films are being rented separately, because i thought the whole point of the exercise was to go to a theatre and see a representation of the 70s grindhouse experience. we only got to see one of the trailers. i'm not sure who did it. it just defeats the purpose of rodriguez and tarantino's project. i really liked it. i thought it was really funny in a self-referential, smart way that wasn't as over-the-top or overly pastiche-y or patronizing. special props to the baby in the last scene who looks EXACTLY like henry the VIII.

today i'm going to try to work on my paper and also plant some bulbs and go for a run. sunday breakkie is going to be pan seared polenta, with a pancetta, mushroom, red pepper, tomato and parmesan ragout topped with a poached egg. mmmmmmm. we're going for post-dodgeball eats tonight at one of those chinese congee noodle bbq places on spadina.


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