Wednesday, November 07, 2007

shady business

my multiculti paper is supposed to be 13-14 pages long. so i've taken the liberty of padding my b.s.-filled loquacious passages signifying nothing with pictures (!!!) and weird tables and charts. the things that information studies makes you do, i tells ya.

i'm going to go to work and then skip a chunk of class to work on it. hopefully i'll have it 3/4 done by the end of today and i can just crank out the ten bajillion other things i have to do. thank goodness monday is a holiday! that means i have the day off to work solid. i need to crank out a few piddly things and then worry about my big sociology paper. and then first term is DUNZO! i also want to have time to maybe see if i can take a course in another department again. it's nice having three courses i don't have to think about/show up for/etc and one class that is mentally engaging and worth the work put into it. it's like the perfect balance.

that's a picture of the soup from last night. the walnut sage pesto isn't in there yet. the dotytron made it but i didn't eat any because ONE of us was being a major, pmsy, insane b***h last night (i'll leave you to guess who) and so i ate chicken biriyani again. no skin off my nose, i effin loved the chicken biriyani. i packed the soup for dinner tonight for my long day. i'm taking a break at three pm to meet my friend hanners for some shopping along bloor there. i need to find a simple black clutch i can take with me to the wedding i'm going to on saturday. and maybe some black work pants? that'd be awesome!

okay, back to the grindstone. no rest for the wicked and all that.


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