Friday, November 23, 2007


finishing a knitting project boils down the essence of marx's notion of the fetishized commodity. as soon as i'm done, it's over, NEXT! onto project numero 10 billion. i don't even get time to luxuriate in my own labour for more than like, 10 seconds before i'm left feeling empty, and hungry for the next commodity to fulfill my yearning soul. at the baby shower last week i had the misfortune to choose a seat next to an earnest chap earning his phd in marxist political philosophy. in one mind-numbing, awful, five minute conversation i was reminded of what chased me away from every young socialist club i've ever joined. he lectured at me using stuff like, "well, in the words of Amin", corrected my pronunciation of lukacs name (after i had already self-deprecatingly butchered it and laughed at myself) and basically stuck to the "marxism 101" handbook through and through, effectively killing what had been light, "getting-to-know-you" party banter. i'm like dude, simmer down. and seriously, do you really feel like you have anything new to say about marx? there's marx, lukacs, benjamin, eagleton, and really?

it was nice to see the kind of academic i could have been, if the hand of pop culture and humour hadn't diverted my path. i hope i don't sound like that kind of windbag. the tone i'm generally going for is enthusiasm. i like sharing the theory...but i feel like there shouldn't be a separation between theory and life. anyway, the point is: my hat with ears looks really cute and i'm proud of myself and let me know if i'm being a windbag.

last night's dinnie was greatly facilitated by the intervention of a cuisinart with shredding blade, on loan from the dotytron's parents. i want to make a batch of spicy zucchini relish but there's like 10 lbs of vegetables to shred, and doing it by hand just seems too much for me right now. the cuisinart finishes the job in 10 minutes. i LOVE cuisinarts. i want one! i have a food processor that i got from some lady who fled the country with her husband upon learning of her husband's affair - moving back to hong kong meant they had to downsize considerably, given that hong kong is the size of a postage stamp. my hand-me-down doesn't come with any of the fancy blades though. cuisinarts are the best...they last a lifetime too, so it's a solid investment, even if they do cost a good chunk of change. anyway, the shredding blade made quick work of the beets and cabbage for the borscht and dinnie was ready in no time...good thing too, as slogging through the slow and slush in my wool birks was having a deleterious affect on my mood and spirits.

tonight we're going to see "no country for old men" with my friend...and we're going to dinner at tacos el asador as we want to see the movie at the varsity, and there's a definite paucity of adequate dining options in the immediate yonge/bay/bloor area. i'm also trying to wrap up the last of my xmas shopping so i'm going to the mall after work.


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