Thursday, November 08, 2007

poor taste

so everyone's talking about roberto cavalli's collection at h&m that's being unveiled (today maybe?). seriously? roberto cavalli is a disgusting pig and so are his clothes. first of all, one of his most well-known clients is beyonce "drag queen" knowles. second of all, do you REALLY want to go line up in the freezing cold and fight it out with 10 billion other crazy b***hes to own something from an entire collection that's leopard print, ripped, shredded, made in morocco and overpriced? no thank you. call me bougie as all get out, but i'm sure as HELL never going to line up outside of a store for clothes, ESPECIALLY not leopard and ripped ones. h&m is perennially disappointing in the sartorial department. although i will buy the odd $10 work shirt there.

yesterday i cut night class (eek! i haven't been in a month!!!) and hung out with hanners instead. it was infinitely more enjoyable. and i scored a wicked diesel, blue, grey and brown tartan skirt for $20 marked down from $100+ at winner's. i also grabbed some jogging pants (!!!!!), one of those special-thermal-breathable workout-y shells (!!!!!) and a pair of nice black pants for work. it's all work clothes, all the time now. and apparently, jogging clothes as well. yikes.

a bit of a late book review, but at the cottage i read nina planck's "read food: what to eat and why" which is an impassioned (though highly romanticized and scientifically suspect) plea for a return to so-called "real foods" (ie. containing fat, not synthesized soy proteins, etc.) from organic, sustainably raised animals and vegetables and fruits, and why. she blames all the ills of modern society (high blood pressure, heart disease) on everyone's favorite whipping boy: trans-fats and basically industrially processed foods and farming practices. she also thinks (and i agree) that turning soy into veggie burgers and dogs does as much ill as eating meat in the first place. it was a pretty good read, and convincing, especially the chapter that talks about fats and how real fats (from animal or vegetable products) aren't the's the weirdo fats that are (canola and vegetable oils are slightly suspect as well). i just didn't like the discourse of romanticized pastoralism that she used to frame her argument.

i'm halfway done my multiculti paper. good thing, as it's due tomorrow. it's 3/4 spurious charts and tables, 1/4 b.s. that's a good mix!

i was talking to a few old classmates yesterday, finding out who's taking what, what they think of the classes...and boy, am i the odd one out. my opinions on profs and classes are almost the exact opposite of the peeps i'm talking to. a lot of them really like being lectured at!

tonight for dinnie i'm making a roasted butternut squash, brown butter, and sage pasta with parmesan cheese and a romaine salad with odds and sods.



le said...

in all truth, i'm not one to be oh so cliche, but i won't lie (as my blog boasts) i did attend the unveiling and sale. i waiting for approx. 40 minutes and the collection all in itself was slightly tacky yet tamable (i did come home with a fine blazer, jacket, panties and a dress). although it was not made in Italy i'd still give it slight recognition (see silk snow gray leopard print halter dress) and yes, beyonce and jennifer lopez are icky.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...


i don't think we've ever met (for some stupid reason i assume that the only people reading my blog are like, my family and two friends - it's safer that way!).

don't take my comments personally, i'm frightfully honest all the time but not as judgemental as my morningtime rants on here would have you believe.

i'm a loveable b***h!