Saturday, November 17, 2007

omarion the unicorn

i poosed out last night large-time. i felt kind of tired all day, and for a brief, shining moment i summoned the muster to go out after all, but after coming home, i was just beat. i really wanted a night in to relax, do my own thing, and collect my thoughts, because this weekend is crazy. tonight i'm having dinner with my friends (and neighbour) m and m, then i'm going to my friend avi's cd release party. tomorrow i have my friend hanners baby shower, and then dodgeball. so all i wanted to do was be at home and chill and centre myself.

i feel badly though because instead of going out, in the end bwong and dr. rei came over here. the conversation was scintillating to say the least. these nights always pass in a blur where i can't even keep track of all the funniness that goes down. all i know is that dr. rei regaled us with this CHOICE story from her childhood, we unanimously decided that douglas coupland is an a**hole (corroborated by the fine blockbuster employee, matt, who had to unfortunately bear witness to our ill-advised venture into the public realm), we're going to start playing world of warcraft or war of worldcraft OR dungeons and dragons, and my character is going to be omarion the unicorn. dr. rei's is going to be dumbledalf, gambledore, or some other fusing of gandalf and dumbledore, who she's decided are the same person (like that old janet jackson and michael jackson urban legend of yore). we also unanimously believe that anarchy is hopelessly juvenile (the shudder of understanding that passed over bwong when dr. rei was trying to describe some meatball - "you know...he talks about...anarchy and stuff" - spoke volumes)

we assembled quite the viennese dessert table. pictured above are: dill pickle chips, cool ranch doritos, wasabi peas, tangfastics (kids and grownups love them so), swedish berries, lady di's sock, dried mango, the remnants of my swiss chalet double leg festive special lindt chocolates, and cheesecake brownies i made. i like cheesecake brownies. in other news: i got ganked on the festiveness in my festive special (no stuffing, no cranberry sauce). poor, swiss chalet delivery, poor (as you can tell, my laziness precluded making the empanadas yesterday for dinner).

i hereby promise bwong and dr. rei that next time WE WILL GO OUT.

today is a busy day...i'm going to try to write out my reader's advisory presentation on the apocalyptic science fiction genre, make a jam, make a cookie dough, make a batch of cupcakes and make deviled eggs for the baby shower i'm going to to tomorrow.
i'm also going to go for a run cuz i feel like a petit baleine. that's why i'm up an an ungodly hour on a saturday morning.

no idea where we're going for dinner tonight, hope we can keep it local.


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dr.rei said...

way way too much hilarity last night. "I JUST FUCKING HATE OMARION!" *points finger*

let's not forget about our poor old friend, the fat colour me bad!

*puts vaseline on face*