Saturday, November 24, 2007

no country for old men

first off, let me give some shouts out to my bfffff dj c64 who was prominently featured in this week's eye weekly magazine. complete with requisite over-exposed, myspace-y, glamour shot! last night i met my friend and we hit the mall where i proceeded to blow the xmas budget by thoroughly spoiling my niece and nephew. this is in addition to the other gifts i had purchased for them yesterday. i'm waging a dirty, new-politics-type campaign to be the "best aunt ever" and that doesn't make me above greasing the palms of whatever childhood-memory franchise lobby with my hard-earned dollars in exchange for currying me some favour. plus, i just can't help it! and all that being said, those two kids are really well behaved, so it's not like i'm throwing money down some screaming, tantrum-y, demon-pit of conspicuous consumption. or maybe i am but i'm blinded by my blood ties.

we saw "no country for old men" last night. it was quite the lovely film, as far as the self-contained-story type movie goes. the cinematography was breathtaking, with the cohen brothers really reinforcing the themes of fate, agency, and the inexorable movement of time with the barren sublime of the texas (new mexico?) desert. i feel like the cohen brothers are preoccupied with exploring different aspects of america, and have a deep love for the different iterations and layers of their country. i would also say the same thing about david lynch, but i find lynch's preoccupations are the same with every movie (he just crafts different images - no less resonating - to accompany them). the underlying messages of this film were tastefully executed (no heavy-handed broadcasting here) and matched the laconic, elegant terseness of cormac mccarthy's writing style. javier bardem, tommy lee jones, and josh brolin gave eloquent and restrained performances, and i was also quite taken with kelli macdonald (the girl from trainspotting) who made her role breath with believability. she has these doe eyes and luminous skin that was a nice accent to the all the hardened, ragged masculinity that populated the rest of the movie. all in all, i'd highly recommend it.

tacos el asador was predictably delicious, and we went at the perfect time (approx 8pm), just when the throngs of people that usually crowd the tiny place had skedaddled and there was lots of room to dump our coats and bags and move between tables to order. i always go there when i'm famished and order too much food! i had a chorizo soft taco, and chorizo burrito, a beef enchilada, and split nachos with the boy. mexican crema is > than sour cream. it must be like, 10004949% butterfat. it's so thick and tangy and round, whereas sour cream's acidity just sits on your tongue and dissipates within a second. that's the remnants of my dinner there.

today i'm going on a field trip with my supervisor at the leg to mccaul's which is a huge baking and cake decorating emporium out near kipling station. i'm stocking up on odds and sods for the holiday edibles-giving rush. i like hanging out with my supervisor, and it's a sign of how much i like her as a person that i'm not filled with social anxiety about meeting her outside of work. it's totally natural. then i'm home to do some baking, a good amount of homework, and as of right now, there's talk of going dancing but i'm leaning more in to hanging out at home. i just don't feel up to it right now...i think when i've handed in my last paper for school i'll feel like i need that release, but as of right now, i'm so busy that i just want to hunker down, with my belly full, sleepily and dozily talking on the couch while half-watching a movie on tv. it's winter! hibernation! i'm heeding the call of my primordial past!

for dinner tonight i'm planning on making braised shortribs with carrots and cippolini onions, on top of a bed of barley risotto with lots of grated parm. i've been craving something warm and custardy for dessert so i think i'm going to go with chocolate souffles, with a cloud of whipped cream, OR pouding chomeur with vanilla ice cream. we'll see. i have to melt chocolate to make a cookie dough (chocolate crackle cookies) so i might as well do the souffle. i do love a quivery, soft-centred, crisp-crusted souffle, so.


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