Tuesday, November 20, 2007

mutiny afoot!

haha, just kidding (kinda). there was an incident in sunday's dodgeball game where one of my players got into a shouting match with the other player over a dubious call. it kind of got ugly and tempers were flaring. when the other player came over to our bench to apologize to my player, my player didn't accept his apology and sent him back over to the bench with some rude words. it was kind of embarrassing and needless.

so yesterday i sent an email to the team serving notice that that kind of behaviour wasn't tolerated, was hurting us as a team (which is true, we were neck in neck at that point and then we didn't win a single game thereafter (final score was 12 to 5), and that i would bench someone if they acted up again. this also came on the heels of me and my bro (the captain of the other team) having a long extended talk pre-game, and then a talk with our teams about being cool and calm and letting s**t go.

apparently the benching thing was taken as me "power tripping" or something, and i was told by one of my other players that i had no right to bench someone in a recreational league. to be honest, i kind of disagree. to wit: i told two other players on my team that were showing up late that if they showed up late again, i'd have to bench them (if we don't have enough girls, we can't play and we have to forfeit) and no one mentioned a peep at that point. no one! second of all, as the team captain, my responsibility is to make sure that my team is in line, even MORE SO in a recreational league, than in one where there is a referee. someone has to make those calls, and i have to have recourse, otherwise, there'd be no order. the fact that it even has to come to this, i feel, has NOTHING to do with me at all. i don't want to have to! i think it's ridiculous that it would even come to this because people get so wrapped up and competitive in a flippin' DODGEBALL game.

i was also accused of not standing by my team and trying too hard to be the "nicest team in the league" which i also think is bogus. basically, i always advocate that in the case of a dubious call, our player just either let it go, or walk off the court. there's NO POINT yelling about it for 10 minutes, because we've all been there. we've all been hit and not noticed it, lost track of what's happening, etc. and furthermore, do we want to be the kind of team that wins from having shouting matches? or do we want to be the kind of team where there's NO QUESTION we mopped the floor with you, and if you question it, we'll give it to you because we're STILL going to hand you your asses on a platter?

anyway, i think the whole thing is ghey and quite frankly, i don't have the time or patience to deal with it. tempers flaring in dodgeball is just plain wack. and more than anything, it hurts us as a team. it ruins our concentration, and keeps us more focused on what the other team is doing, than what WE'RE doing.

so this week post-game we're going to have an open dialogue with the people who don't like my style of captaining. meh...i care not. this blog post was just to fill in interested parties (aka, my sister).

i got too much shiz on my plate right now...and i got some big news that i can't share yet (or may not be able to at all) which is going to make my life VERY interesting over the next few months. eep! i don't want to jinx it...it's probably not going to happen cuz i'm never that kind of lucky ducky.

check out that empanada!!! it's mondo! we needed to take a pic with ian's giant hands in it for scale...take THAT, "jumbo" empanadas in kensington market! you ain't got s**t! the green beans were also quite tasty. it was a nice and filling meal.

today i've got work in the afternoon and i'm doing school work this morning and hopefully going for a run and doing some errands so tonight i can just come home and relax (aka, work on next week's presentation). tonight we're having a pasta of squid, chickpeas, arugala, chilies and lemon. with a salad, maybe (i don't know what we have in the fridge).



schmee said...

i don't think captains should be allowed to assume coaching duties and benching, is a coaching duty. i mean, imagine if Gretzky tried to bench Messier. that shit would end in gun claps for sure.

when jen and i played on a rec soccer team we had a captain who took his role much too seriously. we all started to resent him and that was much worse for morale in the end. the prime objective is fun and he took that away by making it all about the competition. we finished our commitment to the team for the season, but we didn't come back the next year cause it wasn't in my interest to invest my time and money to be pressured to take something more seriously than it should.

perhaps not everyone on the team is in it for the same reason you are. in which case, you're gonna have a tough time making threats of benching of any real consequence. you can't bench someone that doesn't show up.

schmee said...

ps. i'm calling that an empanoli or canonada cause it's flippin huge.

BooZee's Mama said...

Hey - I agree with "Schmee" -- you cannot call that an empanada. How about a strombada or a empanone?
As for the dodgeball thing, it looked like a lot of fun from the pictures! Sorry that it's become such high drama.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

schmee: i understand where you're coming from...but you've got it all reversed...I'M not the one making it competitive. i'm being accused of being "too nice". i don't want to have to bench anyone, but what recourse do i have if one of my teammates is acting up?

basically, the aggression and competitiveness is not from my end...it's from some of my players who are hotheads. if i don't step in, then the next thing you know, we have fights breaking out over intramural dodgeball.

this is NOT about me power-tripping, in any way shape or form. it's about aggression levels on the team ending in games ending in shouting matches between players, which hurts everyone. if it's a self-refereed league, what am i supposed to do? let my player be a dink?

Miss Emma-Lee said...

that looks kind of like a pasty. Have you ever had one, made one, or know any place in TO that makes them? Delicious English delicacy haha.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

hey em,

i had cornish pasties in england...that's basically all we ate when we were there...i was shocked that you could just buy a meal in a pocket on the street. makes our street food look like pants.

Miss Emma-Lee said...

Well, should you ever decide do make them sometime...you know where to reach me! haha

Maybe you should start a pasty stand at Y&D square. You could make MILLLLLLLIONS!