Sunday, November 11, 2007

librarian prom!

was lots and lots of fun! we didn't talk about work at all and everyone was in such good spirits, the night went really well, and needless to say, my friend was beautiful and she and her husband are totally cute together.

they played some pretty awesome tunes and i really wanted to get down, but i don't really know how NOT to dance like a club slut, which isn't something you necessarily want to bust out when you're the lowly student assistant at your work and two of your direct supervisors are present. and even though said two supervisors are very nice and accepting, it's still not the best when you're on contract. so alas, when they played mr. vegas' "head's high" i had to resist every skanky, windy bone in my body that was crying out for rude booty bass. le sigh.

today is a fun day! i'm working a sunday shift at the library, but first we're going for brunch on the danny. we're trying a new place, "three's company". then tonight is dodgeball, and after, i've been charged with the honour of ushering dr. rei through her inaugural "popeye's fried chicken" experience (i'm well suited to my post, as i'm one of their most ardent - and vocal! - supporters). so we're going to reconvene back here with crispy spicy halal chicken, biscuits, pops and mashed po' and gravy. and to go with our southron feast, i made a southron dessert: banana pudding! featuring mr. christie nilla wafers nestled between layers of nutmeg and cinnamon infused custard, sliced bananas, and all topped with a snowy cap of meringue.

!!!!!!!!! so excited!!! and tomorrow is a government day off! whoopeee!


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