Friday, November 16, 2007

i ain't got time to bleed

or, how i'm slowly going crazy with work. i started having a teensy-tiny miny freakout last night about all the work i have to do. luckily, sanity and reality prevailed and i realized i don't have the time to have a freakout...that would be precious minutes wasted! i managed to get one little assignment done before calling it a night at around 11pm. which left me just enough time to watch the final episode of buffy. which of course left me in tears covered in goosebumps. *tips cap to joss whedon*

this by now should be a familiar rant, but it really gets my goat when people *think* they know what buffy's about and dismiss it...cuz when you finally watch it and realize it's the best show on television, then you're forced to hate yourself for being such an idiot all this time.

not to say that i don't have some quibbles with the end. *SPOILER ALERT*

namely, where the crap did that awesome amulet come from? it's just something that angel found in the bottom of his sock drawer? why did spike have to die? why can't buffy just be in love with spike? anya dies too?!? brutes!

today i have presentation, which i haven't prepared for at all, which i don't care about because i don't have time to. it's about nationalism and benedict anderson's notion of "imagined communities", which i find really captivating. tonight i'm going to this edumacation party put on by the old skool hip hop kids, never forgive action i'm going with dr. rei, possibly the dotytron, possibly the roomie, and bwong. if it sucks we're going to go to the social for rock night and sing along to bon jovi and journey. you can't lose either way.

for dinner i'm making pork empanadas, using a dough recipe my supervisor gave me. the filling has peppers, sliced olives, onions, tomatos, pork and paprika. i hope i can make it as tasty as she does! we're having these with spanish-style green beans cooked in a paprika-laced sofrito.



schmee said...

the amulet is explained in angel the series. don't watch it though. seriously.

in season 5 spike comes back as a ghost who eventually becomes real again. it's ridiculous.

how about the part where buffy tells spike she loves him..... heart. breaking.

schmee said...

oh, and the anya death was apparently cause she wanted out of the buffyverse. she didn't want to come back in a different show or whatever as a guest. joss offed her as a favour i guess.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

zomg! when spike looks at buffy and says, "no you don't, but thanks for saying it"

and the punching bag with angel's face on it?!?

why did angel have to come back? he's the worst!!! the worst!!!

maybe lodge party can be a combo buffy-fest too. hmmmm *strokes chin*