Tuesday, November 06, 2007

good news and bad news

the good news is, i got UTAPS money (that grant i got last year to supplement my OSAP that i don't have to pay back). i got $2700 which is nice because i didn't think i was going to get it. last year i got $4000 which was even NICER. but i'll take it! the bad news is, they put a hold on my OSAP which basically means i'm currently ineligible and i won't be able to receive the second half of my funding. i was supposed to get another $4000 in january. the canada revenue agency ratted me out and basically i made more than i thought i did. i don't really understand it, somehow, for fiscal year 2006 i made $30000?!? for 5 months of that year i was working part-time! and for another 2 months i was drawing wsib money. i don't get it. anyway, i guess if i combine the UTAPS with what i would've gotten from OSAP, i'm only out $1300. the other good thing is, because i'm working so much, i'm covering all my rent and living expenses with my two jobs right now, so i'm doing okay. i haven't had to draw from my OSAP other than to pay my tuition and i also have rrsps and two lines of credit i can fall back on if i ABSOLUTELY have to. that doesn't mean i'm not going to call and try to wheedle my way back into OSAP's good graces though.

last night's biriyani turned out delicious, even if it meant combining TWO separate recipes. first i made a saffron basmati rice flavoured with cardamom and cloves and cinnamon. then i took some chicken leg pieces and fried them in a dry-ish yoghurt-finished sauce. then i layered those two together, and topped them with a tonne of onions fried in butter. then i baked it in the oven. and to finish it, i sauteed some raisins and almonds in butter and topped it with that. crazy! but it was sooo delicious and i think i'm actually starting to like raisins in savoury preparations (keep them out of my butter tarts and scones, though!). i also made green beans thoren.

tonight we're having a sweet potato, escarole, and white bean soup with a walnut sage pesto and guacamole and cheese quesadillas.



dr.rei said...

nice, sounds like you really "smacked that".

(aka did really well at your meeting)

(how'd i get so funny?)

kitsch:in:sync said...

"did you hear what i just said to.."

p.s. good job k-lag