Monday, November 12, 2007

fun fun fun fun fun!

dodgeball last night was probably the funnest game ever. the other team, whom we have an awesome rapport with, "the wrench dodgers" didn't have enough players to play (they only had 3), so they were going to default. my brother's team were planning on sticking around and watching our game as we are playing them next week, so we all kind of combined players and all played each other for fun. it was awesome. we also had an extra ball so we were playing with five balls, like masses of people on the court, it was mayhem. then we'd switch up the teams and have people cross the floor so we could play against each was a lot of fun and such a good time.

the popeye's feast was delicioso. crunchy sheets of skin were brandished and waved around for all to admire before being consumed in a fat-smeared orgy of excess. biscuits were used to sop up said grease before sliding down our gullets and all of it was washed down with the sweet caress of fountain pop. the banana pudding (the disgusting remnants of which are pictured above) was pretty tasty, although i went just a tad heavy on the nutmeg. our buddy bwong also brought some tasty after-dinner snacks of the asian persuasion - pocky, toothpics, soy milk (the real chinese kind), condensed milk, wasabi peas, and other snackies, which the dotytron and the roomie much appreciated as i generally don't keep "snacks" in the house.

all in all, it was a fun weekend. it's a government holiday today which means i've got to get my ass in gear and do a tonne of work. i'm trying to get two assignments done today if i can manage it. we'll see how it goes.

tonight for dinner, we're returning to healthy, normal eating with a vegan shepherd's pie with tvp, sweet potato, celery root, carrot, onions, garlic and thyme for a filling, topped with buttermilk mashed potatoes and maybe some cheddar cheese.


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