Thursday, November 15, 2007

first snow squall

we went from 16 degrees yesterday to the chance of the first snowsquall today. that means: no more biking for me! i'm going to at least try to bike to the public library gig this morning, since it hasn't started raining or anything yet...and see whether how long i can push it.

in other news, my friend brian posted the most hi-larious pictures from last week's dodgeball game on facebook. seriously, i almost died laughing. in just about every picture i'm screaming my head off, yelling about something or other. i look like doraemon. these pics are so gold! i love 'em.

so i'm doing a presentation in two weeks with another person, that has a written component that has to be submitted this coming wednesday. the other person wants the two of us to get together and WRITE IT TOGETHER. AT THE SAME TIME. i kind of agreed to it, not knowing what i was doing, but when i thought about it, i was like, wtf? that's wack, guy! we should both just write our parts and smush them together. i wonder if it's because the person thinks i'm a bad student because i never go to class? anyway, whatever the reason, i'm sure as hell not coming into school on a sunday morning to do work. helllllls no.

this weekend is jam-packed already. we have a crapload of leftovers in the fridge so i don't think i'm going to cook anything new tonight. we'll try to clear through some of the fridge backlog and i'll make something new tomorrow. i have to make carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for my sociology presentation tomorrow (it's on culinary nationalism).


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