Monday, November 05, 2007

faux-interview today...eek!

first things, first. i love my little brother sterling. me and dr. rei showed up early to witness their game against the prep school twerps we played last time. they got OWNED. it was awesome! the prep school guys were getting so pissed off and were once again engaging in EXTREMELY unsportsmanlike behaviour (aiming repeatedly for the girls' heads and laughing about it) and not calling their own outs and being jerks. then, ANOTHER team captain from this other team, "the wrench dodgers" showed up EARLY specifically to tell sterling NOT to give the prep school kids any spirit points. so it seems like EVERY OTHER team in the league has had the same negative experience we did. which is awesome! so there's mad solidarity and we're organizing that all the team captains email the league to express our concerns and possibly have them kicked out. i can't express enough how ugly it got between sterling's team and the prep school kids. i'm sure it didn't help that i was shouting jabs about "how about that STRATEGY now?" or making constant comments about "the rules". it was awesome! it must suck for them knowing that everyone else in the league hates them (a recreational dodgeball league at that). anyway, i love my brother because he rinses lines like this: "to f**k with one lee is trouble, to f**k with two lees, that's just STUPID" damn straight, son! don't test the power of the swangingest cbc (canadian born chinese) clan, ever. boh!

that's my breakkie from yesterday...deeelicious! we also had a carrot-beet-ginger-apple-cranberry-cucumber juice. it was a really productive day yesterday, just not about school stuff. i made a batch of jumbleberry jam, cleaned house, planted my bulbs in the garden, etc. tonight is homework (aka pulling a paper out of my butt) night galore.

for dinner tonight we're having a chicken biriyani. boneless skinless chicken breasts (or even better, thighs) in a spicy gravy layered with saffron rice, fried onions, and topped with butter sauteed raisins and almonds. i might make a batch of those coconut green beans as well.


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