Wednesday, November 14, 2007


pasta alla carbonara is one of the BEST pastas around. way to go, rome, way to go. it's a salty and fatty hot mess and i love it so.

last night was aight. don't get me wrong, sharon was ON POINT. the dap kings were ON POINT. the phoenix disappointed me by having the sound levels kind of low, but the sound in the phoenix is really crisp, so they get it right on that score. no, the pissant of the whole evening was THE CROWD. it was night of the living dead all up in there. and RUDE people too. like it was their first concert. no dancefloor etiquette, no understanding of concert behavior. case in point: at one point, these two broads with mad frizzy hair stepped RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME (ie. i suddenly found myself with a mouthful of frizzy hair and a broad expanse of back pressing up against my tee-tas). so i stood like that for a while, with no room to dance, and then noticed that they had left a three foot square space IN FRONT OF THEM for whatever reason. so, being shorter, and requiring that space for my hip-shakin', i excused myself and stepped in front of them. i could feel them gesturing about it and being all "wtf?" and they were being such miserable scunts that in the end, i went back. i hate people who insist on crowding to the front if they're not dancing. the crowd sucked the life out of the place. i finally found myself a corner with some 50 year olds who were getting DOWN. parkdale librarian crew was represented like whoa last night. that's me and dr. rei's codename for a certain kind of downtown girl, the kind swathed in just-so vintage, the kind who knits, and crafts, and goes to the "goin' steady" night at the boat, the kind with a million bird tattoos or star tattoos or whatever the new-articulation-of-olympia-grrrl-tattoo-de-rigeur's a very specific subsect but they exist nonetheless. they're also some rude-ass b***hes, ie. the girl who CUT IN FRONT of me at the merch table. i KNOW YOU HEARD ME CALL YOU A B***H. it wasn't an accident.

today is my long day. i'm supposed to have an appointment with the plastic surgeon but i'm skipping out in favour of doing homework. i'm also on a mission for knitting needles. NOTE: it is not knitting that makes the "parkdale librarian" typology, it's a certain je ne sais quoi that takes the sum of all those parts (most of which i do on an individual level) and makes them unspeakably lame (turns it into a tautology, if you will).

we also watched "the squid and the whale" the other night. i thought i was going to hate it (the director/writer co-wrote "the life aquatic with steve zissou, which i disliked), but i didn't mind it. although again, i'm sick and tired of the "quirky family" dynamic that's so popular in movies now that it's become it's own stylistic (visual and written). in this case, i understand the need to make the characters kind of idiosyncratic, because otherwise you'd loathe and despise them. still, as much as i simultaneously hated the classist nature of the piece, i kinda liked the tony literary intellectual savagery of it all. i thought it was a great depiction of a section of new-world liberalism...a world where "the new yorker" is your bible and you talk to your kids like they're adults. the incisiveness of the dialogue and depiction of divorce did ring true.

although i went to the museum of natural history in nyc and i don't remember that the squid and the whale were fighting. i kind of thought they were opposite each other, hanging in mid-air, not that the squid was ON the whale.

today is long day so i'm packing the last of the chicken biryani and green beans thoren that i've been jealously hoarding in the fridge.



dr.rei said...

i can believe those hoes played you out like that. what a bunch of hoes. lol - remember that time we stepped into goin' steady for like 20 seconds and it scared the living crap out of us? "aaaaah! why are they dancing like that?!!!!!!"

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

"it's like a dance sequence from a david lynch movie"

total hoes.

p.s. why are our lives so funny?