Tuesday, November 13, 2007


this morning i have a meeting with my group and my professor where he's checking in with us about a group presentation we're doing in two weeks. you know, because we're in GRADE SIX. so insulting. so beyond insulting.

yesterday was mad productive...i got caught in the rain and had to walk around like a schmoe and i even had to double-BACK to the yarn store because i was having second thoughts about the colours i had chosen. the good thing is: i'm knitting again!!! and loving every minute of it! i like being crafty.

these next few weeks are flippin' gangbusters. but i can see the homestretch! my sociology paper is the biggie that i'm putting off until i'm done all my other crap...i really want to do well and put a lot of good work into it. i've also signed up for another sociology course for second term that a buddy in my food course is taking. it's called "the sociology of popular culture". it's another work-intensive one with weekly 2-3 page writing assignments. i think i'll really like it. anything to talk about popular culture!!!

the shepherd's pie was tasty...you really don't miss the meat. i sullied it's vegan status by putting cheddar cheese on top. i really can't resist a chewy, starting-to-brown-at-the-edges layer of melted cheese. today is my co-worker's second-last day (it's the other student at the leg library - the one who had already graduate - she got a full-time job) so i made raspberry and almond jam bars to go with her little afternoon soiree.

tonight is super-fun concert night!!!! we're going to see sharon jones and the dap kings. that's her new video below. she burns like fire! and the dap kings are the best band ever. i don't devote as much time to music anymore as i used to when jungle was my life, so new music is few and far between for me (as in, stuff that i fall in love with), but sharon jones and the dap kings were the best discovery of the past three years. it's such a great continuation of a funk-tastic tradition. i love it.

and here's a live show:

"how long" is probably still my favorite sharon jones and the dap kings number. it's a finger-shakin', boy-gone-done-me-wrong ditty, and there's nothing i love more than a heartfelt lament for a boy-gone-done-me-wrong.

tonight for dinner i'm making bucatina alla carbonara. with a salad.


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