Sunday, November 25, 2007

coziness is my downfall

last night was the usual fun with the crew. dr. rei came over for a sleepover, which was just what we needed. we're entering another period of ennui, where we don't want to go out, and all we want to do is be cozy at home and spend the night nattering away. it was a lovely time, if fairly uneventful. does that make me square? boring? i just don't want to go out to random s**t and spend money for no reason. it's not like we ever run out of things to say.

yesterday's field trip to mccall's was loads of fun. i got all sorts of little doo-dads and some new cake pans and other specialized equipment. it's not like there's stuff you can't get anywhere else, but it's nice that it's all centralized in one place, making it ever so convenient.

i ended up making pouding chomeur for dessert last night as i wasn't happy with how the chocolate souffle was turning out. i gave my notice at the public library for my sunday contract. i realized it was silly for me to be taking on this extra work for no good works out to an extra $140 a month and i needed to make more time for myself. i've cottoned on to the preciousness of sundays spent sleeping in, making a nice breakfast or going our for brunch, doing house stuff and not being rushed before dodgeball. today i'm going to finish making my spicy zucchini relish, finish up three assignments, make our xmas newsletter, and hopefully finish off the secret surprise xmas present for my family.

for breakkie we're having challah french toast with a spiced plum compote and a pastry cream custard. alongside some garlic sausage from the mennonites and a carrot-beet-apple-ginger-cucumber-pear juice. for dinnie tonight we're going to dangerous dan's!!! i'm going to have the bronto ribs sandwich and poutine. if the track is clear i might for a run this morning and have a nice long stretch.


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