Wednesday, November 21, 2007

bernini was a crazy f**k

...and other pearls of wisdom gleaned from watching some of simon schama's "power of art" that my friend bwong lent to me on dvd. it's a series of recreations of events in select artists' lives, and how these events manifested themselves in the art. we watched the caravaggio one (choice quote: "i'm going to boil your balls in oil" - caravaggio, 16th C) and the bernini one. i've got to say, people were WAY more ambitious a few centuries ago. carving leaves out of marble, much? designing cathedrals, much? it makes my poor, piddly concerns all the poorer and piddlier by comparison. i'm not sure who simon schama is, and whether the opinions expressed in the series are HIS opinions, or popularly accepted editorialized accounts of the artists' motivations, but the caravaggio one was heart-breaking. caravaggio was a master of light and shadow, creating transcendent pieces that stirred the people of italy to new heights of religious fervour. i have a self-obsessed blog that details the trials and tribulations of a library school student and sometime dodgeball team captain. wow. 'nuff said.

i'm starting to feel waves of freaking out, brought out mostly by the fact that i haven't started my sociology paper. !!!!! and someone ELSE happens to be doing a paper on reality television and checked out all the books on said topic at robarts, the morning AFTER i had checked the catalogue to make sure they were still listed as on the stacks. by the time i got there in the afternoon, the section had been ravaged. i'm writing a paper on top chef...but i'm not sure what i want to say...definitely something about the language of fine-dining, maybe some bourdieu...i dunno...hopefully that'll sort itself out in a few weeks...eep!

last night's dinnie was so good! i bought some broccoli, blanched it in the pasta cooking water, toasted some panko in olive oil and seasoned it, topped the broccoli with the panko and shredded parm, and threw it in the oven as a tasty veggie side. it all went rather swimmingly if i do say so myself.

dinnie tonight is the last of the leftover veggie shepherd's pie, alongside various fruits and whatnot, that i'm going to be eating at school.


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dr. rei said...

don't you love how in the caravaggio ep he's depicted as a super sweaty, out of control guy who wields a billion swords a minute? and roars constantly?

bernini is hot eh? if i could have travel back in time and do it with anyone, it'd be berneens. we should play that game on another "friday night in with brian wong".

wait till you see the david ep -- he's the original phantom of the opera!! but he's not as "original" with his choice of mask material. the rothko one is super amaze as well.

simon schama's a history prof/former art critic of The New Yorker...he did this other series called 'a history of britain', which is also really good. he's definitely giving his opinion and personal feelings about the artists in PofA..but it's def grounded in art history. what i like best about him is that he doesn't take himself or his subject matter too seriously, which allows him to be pretty insightful and funny at times.
*papal wink, papal nudge*