Wednesday, October 24, 2007


i tried studying last night, but only getting four hours of sleep the night before killed me, and as i tried to read, my eyes were glazing over. so i switched to something i wouldn't be required to retain (entertainment weekly, which incidentally posted a HILARIOUSLY APT review of this pants season of heroes, featuring lines like: "this week on heroes: claire continues to marvel at the same powers of regeneration she's always had! hiro does cute things in feudal japan! and after a journey of approximately 42 million miles from one vague part of central america to another vague part of central america, our new, haplessly murderous hero maya, is still blubbering for her twin brother and bleeding black goo from her eyes! wait, which week is this? every week." or "hiro - the most neutered tv character since screech - is remaining in feudal japan to ogle a babe. stripped of any genuine mission, he now has little to do but smile like an adorable, gassy baby.") so true!

according to my bro, pushing daisies is the new show to watch, but i can't be bothered. i've got too much other stuff on my plate so tv is being put on the backburner.

anyway, i fell asleep ridiculously early and slept way into this morning, only to find that my afternoon class is cancelled. so i'm supposed to show up for NIGHT CLASS only?!? things that make you go hmmmmm.

i feel gross after over-eating on crap food yesterday, so i won't be doing any of that for a while. tonight i'm eating coconut rice'n'peas with an irie pumpkin stew with a surprising amount of kick from just one wee habenero pepper and one thai bird chili.


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