Thursday, October 04, 2007

so i might have inadvertently

roped myself into starting a book club in the neighbourhood. WHAT AM I DOING?!?!? do i have time/resources/know-how to be organizing this? what the hell??? i live in a sub-neighbourhood that calls itself "the pocket". we have our own community newspaper and an annual car-free day and potlucks and pub nights and whatnot. in the latest newspaper i saw an ad for a pocket book club. so i emailed the address only to find out that they were full, at 12 members (because they meet in people's houses and s**t). so i was like, why don't you send me the extra emails of people who couldn't make it and maybe we'll start another one. so far it's me and one other dude. dude has a neighbour who might also want to join. that's THREE people! two of whom i guessing are going to be OLD! ai-ya. i tried to convince the roomie to come but she doesn't like reading. no, you read that right, i'm serious. i'm going to see if i can broaden it beyond the pocket, because a 3 person bookclub is kinda pathetic.

i'm kinda annoyed with the roomie right now for reasons that can't be divulged. i suppose it happens...we've become a family, so sometimes you get annoyed with family. last night i got home after being gone for 12 hours, and as soon as i came in, i was searching the house because the dotytron had called during the day saying he couldn't find his wallet. now, am i wrong in assuming that most normal people, with whom you share a house and for the most part, a life, upon hearing that you lost you wallet, would get up off the couch and help you look? maybe for at least, oh, i don't know, like 3-5 minutes, instead of watching "video on trial" and "the bachelor"??? that's kind of a rhetorical question because i actually DON'T THINK I'M WRONG.

for dinner tonight we're having fried rice with pork and leek dumplings (not made by me). fried rice will have eggs, bok choy, napa, chinese sausage, ginger, garlic, and the usual blend of herbs and spices (aka soy sauce, sesame oil, etc). BEEF: people who say "soy-A sauce". ANOTHER BEEF: that movie "the christmas story" about that kid who wants the bb gun. at the end, they do this EXTREMELY RACIST thing where they end up at a chinese restaurant and there's all this "culture clashing" and then the waiters sing "'tis the season" except (of course!) they can't pronounce the "fa la la la la" part, so (of course!) they sing it, "fa RA RA RA RA". it makes me want to punch the television.

wow, i've been mad beefy lately.


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