Thursday, October 11, 2007

obligatory mid-term FIS rant

here i go: WHY OH WHY does the faculty of information studies INSIST on stretching course content that could conceivably fit into a well-organized, 10 page leaflet, over almost FIFTY hours of course time?!?

it's ridiculous!!! i walked out of my "public library service to culturally diverse communities" course yesterday because it was a big, fat, waste of my time. the ENTIRE course could EASILY be taught as ONE three hour seminar, not THIRTEEN. cripes. i actually get angry. it's insulting to the collective intelligences (assuming that exists) of everyone in that room, and the fact that they don't see it, makes me even MORE angry.

on a side note, my food course keeps getting better and better. it really gets me all fired up thinking of how i'm going to tussle with the other students and i'm really engaged by the subject matter. this week was all about fair trade, and one of the readings was soooo enjoyable and fun to engage with. it's called "reading fair trade: political ecological imaginary and the moral economy of fair trade foods" by michael k. goodman out of university of california, santa cruz. he basically synthesizes a cultural studies and a materialist-driven political economy-based methodology to look at how fair trade operates structurally and conceptually. i really dug it because it was all about various competing representations, coalescing around the banner of "fair trade". if there's one thing i love, it's talking about representations. he also brought up how producers of fair trade goods trade on a fetishization of their "otherness" (sometimes consciously, sometimes not), which has been missing in the readings and discussions around food-production issues that we've undertaken thus far. i can't WAIT to talk about it in class tomorrow. *faints from nerd love*

i tried to watch episode three of heroes last night and gave up. streaming tv is crap. the dotytron has a VERY low tolerance for low-grade technology that SHOULD be high grade (ie. reel-to-reel's get a pass, streaming tv that shows up all giant-pixelated get a big, fat, FAIL). instead, i'm only a couple of episodes away from the end of buffy, season 7. wow. this show is amazing. i can't say that enough. i want to get that super deluxe box set that comes with the stake.

tonight i'm meeting dr. rei after work and we're going on a gab-fest/re-con mission to check the dotytron's ex-gf's art exhibit (or we may or may not bail on this depending on the weather). i mean, i have a rabid voyeuristic fixation but it remains to be seen whether i have to truck across town in the pissy rain to fulfill it. alternatively, we can come here, and i can make cookies. something about rainy, cold, winter/fall days SCREAM cookies and milk to me. actually, i'm really leaning towards that option. for dinner i'm packing that sausage and kale and bean stuff.


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