Friday, October 05, 2007

the most wonderful time of the year!!!!!

last night was crazycakes. i came home at 6, ate dinner (pictured at right). i didn't end up making fried rice because i knew i had a crapload of things to do, so i ate what i had made for the family for wednesday while i was at school. it's a red lentil dhal on steamed rice with purchased sag and naan from makkah, this pakistani joint up the street. it was flippin' delicious. so i went buck yesterday and did almost all my prep for thanksgiving.

i've said this before, but thanksgiving, is MY christmas, kwanzaa, hannukah, martin luther king junior day, veteran's day, canada day, and may 2/4 all rolled up into one. i LOVE it. it's a whole holiday that's based around no other purpose except for gathering and eating (that nasty little historical bit about stealing from the first nations people and then ousting them from their land, be damned!). it's all about food!!! glorious, glorious, food!

it's actually funny how many people you talk to who actually DON'T like turkey. i actually hate turkey myself. you eat turkey for the acoutrements (gravy, stuffing) and the SKIN. everything else is kinda bland. tomorrow, i'm cooking a meal for my family up in markham, we're having:

- prime rib
- jus (aka gravy)
- creamed spinach
- buttered peas
- mashed potatoes
- sweet potato pecan pie (aka the ultimate pie. the pie of pies. the what-you-want-to-eat-if-the-end-is-near pie) with whipped cream

then, on sunday, my mom is making a turkey. i hate babysitting a turkey. it's a pain. it's like having a baby. you have to check on it every half hour, it's fat and bland and fussy, etc. so we're having turkey, with my contributions of:

- sausage and sage stuffing (the key to stuffing is LOTS of fat and LOTS of fresh sage)
- mashed potatoes
- gravy
- brussel sprouts and carrots horseradish casserole (cribbed from the doytron's mom...sidenote: it's actually REALLY hard to find HOT horseradish)
- sweet potato gratin
- pumpkin pie

then we get ANOTHER thanksgiving meal on monday, prepared by the dotytron's mom, to which i'm contributing a pumpkin pie. THREE feast days! and knowing my family, we're just crazy enough to preface a giant, carb-and-meat-laden feast with a giant, carb-and-meat-laden trip to shanghai dimsum or japanese all you can eat up in markham. cuz we're buck like that.

anyway, i'm thankful to have so much good food to eat, and to be upper-middle-class in north america, and to have amazing friends (they're few in number but grand in spirit) and a family that drives me crazy but that i know i can count on, and siblings that i'm super close to, and a dude who'll put up with my b.s. i'm also thankful that i have two jobs that i really like for the most part.

happy thanksgiving everyone!!! lots of pics of food to be all up in here shortly!

p.s. tonight i'm having fried rice and dumplings for dinner.



schmee said...

our thanksgiving has nothing to do with real estate or first nations. officially, it's to celebrate a bountiful harvest that god has blessed us with. what's with people not taking credit for their own good work?

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

guilt-free! thanks for removing remaining thing standing between me and a gluttonous orgy of over-consumption.

have a happy thanksgiving, male doppelganger!

p.s. i watched the office last night. snoooooooooooze. i don't find two grown adults (pam and jim) flirting like two grade sixes, appealing.

Chris said...

3 thanksgiving dinners????
i getting screwed with my lowly 1 dinner....

have a great weekend shorty