Friday, October 12, 2007

modern fibre art can kiss my a**

okay, so we wandered around town for 2 hours last night, ending up at the gladstone for "big fibre, little fibre" which was a juried (!!!!) show featuring fibre pieces, one of which was made by the doytron's ex, who incidentally, is in a DIRE need of a hot oil treatment. actually, more like 50 million. (yeah, i know i'm being catty as all f** wantdemure class and tact, go to <-- doesn't exist as far as i know). she's so WEIRD! she was over-emoting like whoa. and seriously, if it's an art exhibit, why am **i** better dressed than thou? are you an artist or not? i mean, do you care about aesthetics or not? the show was kind of pants. some of the stuff was crafty as all hell and some of the other stuff was just plain awful.

that's her piece right there. it was kinda meh. she got GRANT money for it. like, wtf?!? her next piece is apparently some sound installation. i think if you're doing sound installations you should kind of be a sound engineer. you know, KNOW something about the physics of sound, perhaps? instead of like, projecting blood onto the wall and then having some echoing stereo play your murmurings about how your period ushered in your womanhood (i'm not saying this is what it is, but i'm guessing).

doesn't my dinner look delish? me and dr. rei came home craving cookies "i need warm cookies and cold milk and then i'm OUTTA here" <-- while waiting for the dufferin bus, which took forever to come, for which i squarely placed the blame on howard hampton's shoulders, and specifically, because he looks like a guidance counsellor. then the dotytron's friend came over. and we came up with the best connection. he looks EXACTLY like count chocula. that's AMAZING. it was the most apt description ever!!!

anyway, it was a fun little mission. today i have my meeting with sociology prof. then i'm going to do some errands on the way home and then i may or may not go see "elizabeth" with dr. rei and her roomie, but more likely i should stay in and do some homework as the last few weeks of october are JAMMED PACKED with social engagements and debaucherous fun.

tonight for dinnie i'm making a shrimp tomato-cream curry over steamed basmati rice and sag from the pakistani joint up the street.


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