Sunday, October 28, 2007

like a bridge over troubled water...

last night's dodgeball game was INTENSE. we were playing a new team and things became NOT FUN very quickly. at first, everything was fine, but then we noticed one of the players on the opposite team "the mishandled balls", was squeezing all the air out of the dodgeball (it's against the rules) in order to get a better grip and throw it with more force. the ball was landing on our side with a THUD and would take a full 20 seconds to get back to shape. so we just called over and said, "dude, you're not allowed to squeeze the air out of the ball" and then things got SOUR. first of all, i should say that we were handing them their asses on a platter at this point. i should also note that the game started almost 15 minutes LATE because their team didn't show up on time.

anyway, at that point, things became weak-sauce. they started laughing at us and making fun of us and kept sarcastically referring to "the rules". who does that? yeah, there are RULES to the game, and kooks that we are, we ABIDE by them! how gauche! then they started making fun of us for having a "strategy" and all around being sore losers by loudly snickering and mocking us. it was so lame. they also called the game to an end REALLY early (like we were supposed to play to 8pm but they called last game at 7:50), i suspect because they were losing so bad. not only that, but when i made the usual suggestion that we play an all-in game, they got all confused and were MISERABLE about it, which is weird, cuz the all-in is usually a nice, fun way to end the round. then when they got out in the all-in, one of the dudes was all like, "THANK GOD" like playing all-in was the worst crap ever.

midway through the game, dr. rei was like, "go back to prep school" (just to me) and i thought it was funny. but when they drove away, the team drove home in an ACURA 4x4 suburban type thing, and a BRAND NEW VOLVO. so basically the richie riches couldn't take the fact that they lost to the boomtown gang. i was joking that next time we meet them, we should carry silver spoons in our pockets and then pop them into our mouths when we line up. anyway, we were totally good sports about it, but i think they're going to take away spirit points because we had the gall to observe the rules. WEAKSAUCE.

that's the only picture that survived of me and the dotytron as simon and garfunkel. i ended up looking like mario. it was a bit of a wash, but it was funny just seeing us in wigs. the surprise thatched cottage worked out swimmingly and was the hit of the night. the dotytron made the elements and i did the thatching. it was good all around. my deviled eggs and cupcakes were also a hit, but i kinda knew it was a no brainer.

tonight it's cramming-for-stupid-midterm night. woo. for dinner i'm making a spinach pasta with gorgonzola and fontina. and a salad on the side. nice, filling, cold weather grub. i just want this stupid midterm to be OVER.


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