Monday, October 22, 2007


late post today as i went to bed completely nackered last night after watching half of "harry potter and the chamber of secrets". i find the books make for better reading when the characters are young, then the movies make for watching. i'm not so into kids in movies, and i think with the trend towards darker fantasy elements like "pan's labrynth" and "the lord of the rings" it's a lot harder to stomach magic that's geared towards kids. for some reason "labrynth" and "the never ending story" are exempt, but i sense a different tone to those movies than the harry potter stuff. anyway, here is a picture of my cat, smudge, looking terribly debonaire, like a 18th century, occassionally-rakish-but-consistently-charming nobleman.

that is the mac'n'cheese dinnie from saturday night. it was AMAZING. the best rendition ever! i made way too much sauce (which is how it's got to be, as the noodles continue to absorb sauce as they cool) and toasted some panko in oil with some thyme and seasoning. it was nice to have the crunch of the panko against the soft, smooth, richness of the noodles. the spinach salad is an old standby, but by jove, it works!

saturday night was fun. we hung with the dotytron's friend whom we haven't seen in years, and he ended up crashing at our place and staying into the next afternoon. he's a good kid. he's a drunken pontificator. so we had an in-depth conversation about existential stuff at around 4am sunday morning, which to me, is the hallmark of a good evening.

sunday we went for brunch at joy bistro on queen. i ordered the eggs benny with spinach and peameal, but the boy's sister ordered blueberry pancakes which were AMAZING. instead of just having crispy edges, they were crispy all over (like they had been fried in a lot of oil), and had an eggy, airy-yet-substantial a very large, thin crumpet, minus the salty-undertone that crumpets have. or a very thin, flat, donut. it was delicious and i'm committed to trying to recreate it. i'd eat pancakes all the time if they were crispy all over like that!

then we had dodgeball and then pho. we won last night! so now we're 3 and 2. this week we're playing the second-place-ranked team, so we'll see how we do. then i had dr. rei and our friend bw over (also from markham. all the best people are from markham), where our conversation ran the gamut from an extended riff on mordor, seedy samurais in burberry tearways and two dollar flipflops (a short film in the making, methinks), peace in the middle-east, and chicago-school economics. that's a LOT of ground to cover. i also decided on next year's halloween costume. it's going to be so awesome! this year's already a writeoff by comparison. much like this weekend, much to my dismay. i have an astounding amount of work due in the coming weeks. but tonight is no exception to the weekend's general trend as i'm going with my bff to see the fool's gold tour at revival (yay!).

fool's gold is a-trak's new label, and the tour features himself and dj mehdi djing, kid sister, and kavinsky. it's going to be hottttt inside! i'm looking forward to this show like 1000000000 x more than justice and i predict it's going to be OFF THE CHAINS! there's so much hotness inside the place that it's going to spontaneously combust, seen?

tonight for dinner i'm making braised garlic sausage with cider vinegar and pears and caramelized onions, alongside some sauteed golden squash and mashed po' (as you can see, i was counting on the cold weather trend continuing apace, and menu-planned accordingly).


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